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The only one that comes to mind is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I played it once years ago when it first came out on my than brother in law's Xbox. Not sure why but it just didn't click for me the way Vice City did. I played it for a few hours and after that I didnt play it again untill a few weeks ago. My co worker was telling me about it and that he found a copy at this retro game store in our town for five dollars. I figured what the heck for 5 bucks. I picked it up and so far I am enjoying it.

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Chrono Trigger - I'm not totally sure what changed with me. For whatever reason, it just didn't "click" with me the first couple of times I attempted to play through it, but now I can't imagine not liking it.

Oh yeah, that's another one for me...and like you, I'm not sure what happened to change my mind...

When it comes to flaws with Chrono Trigger, I immediately always assume "because it has a slow start". Because it really does. That's another game I was gonna bring up.

Also Bayonetta because I genuinely hated that song in the commercial.

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Super Mario Galaxy I did not enjoy the more linear structure of the game compared to 64/64 DS and Sunshine. I also wasn't a fan of seeing Power Stars again, and expected some new item to be invented as the Shine Sprites were following 64. In late 2009 and early 2010, I beat it for the first time from start to finish without assistance and absolutely loved it. It's in the argument for my favorite 3D Mario.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tripping, nerfing Samus, the Great Maze...I had a whole list of issues with Brawl's content shortly after its release, but now the game really doesn't bother me much and I can easily sit down with it for an hour or so in VS.

Metroid Originally I kept getting lost and disliked going back to the start of areas with just 30 energy, but after completing the game without passwords for the first time back in 2011, I discovered the title's new game plus and the game became addictive to replay. This is a Metroid title that future Metroid titles can learn from.

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Super Mario World Always felt like the game was trying to compensate all of the uniquity of the gameplay derived from the costume abilities with Yoshi's and that wasn't as satisfying as you would want it to be. Now I think a lot about the great level design and all the innovative additions that it gave to the franchise. Loving the ideas for ghost houses, secret levels, alternate exit routes and something that hadn't been done before.. a 9th World! It is my 3rd most favorite SNES platformer, right behind Yoshi's Island (which I personally found to be a superior) and of course.. Super Metroid!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask The game started a little too slow than I expected. A Link to the Past created this 'rush to the dungeon' thing that we're all used to and none of the other following games managed to slow it down significantly. Until MM came in in 2000. I also disliked the fact that it was running on the OoT game engine and had many character model paste-overs. The key items you acquired in the dungeons were just the Bow and it's 3 arrow types. For dungeon play, I agree it isn't the best, but you gotta give it to the 'Stone Tower Temple' for being the masterpiece that it is. The other complaint is that it brought the 'Lens of Truth' back.. that magical item that allowed you to see things invisible to the human eye. I liked some parts of the overworld like 'Great Bay' and 'Ikana Canyon' which I found to be very well designed areas. After a couple more days of playing, I finally understood how to slowen the flow of time with the reverse song of time and began liking the game. The sidequests were better than in any other game I've played. Still are. And with the game's dark storyline having this lasting affect on me.. It simply grew to be a very respectable game.

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Resident Evil 4. I didn't have any love for it until I played the Wii Edition. Motion controls fixed most of what was wrong with the game. That's not really getting past a bad first impression though--that's Capcom upgrading an awkward game for my enjoyment. my pants.


Wario Land II. Got this game back when it came out (the original, non-colorized version ) The fact that Wario is indestructible was such a huge fundamental change. I don't know why that bothered me, I guess I didn't like the puzzle-focused gameplay as I had hoped for the traditional action gameplay of the Mario series. I did finish one branch of the game. Felt the game was pretty short if I finished it after only a couple worlds.
I do recall the manual was written in first-person by Wario, though. That was pretty awesome. "You wouldn't want to hurt my pretty face, would you?"
Though I decided to give it another try playing the GBC-enhanced version on 3DS. Pretty fun, really should go for all the branching paths to get the value of the game.



Castlevania Lords of Shadow I seriously disliked this game initially. Didn't like the monologes, the story and the combat system, which I felt that the best strategy was to mash then dodge. I was already considering to trade it in till I reached the latter half of the game and everything picked up quite quickly. It may not be the best CV game but it is a good 3D GoW clone once you get past the first few worlds.

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I guess I should also mention Majora's Mask too. Not that I didn't enjoy it a lot the first time, but I remember being mildly disappointed at the time that it didn't have more dungeons. Now it's my favorite game of all-time, and my affection for it grows every time I re-play it.

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WayForward games. They are not overrated or anything but somehow do not entertain me at all.

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I just played Sonic 3 and Knuckles for the first time, and I hated it. That game is just filled with such stupid moments where you get hit or killed when it isn't your fault is just unbearable. In your first fight with Robotnik, if you use the bubble shield bounce when as he is destroying the bridge, you fall through it to your death even though it is still on the screen. In the first act of the second stage, if you hold left at the start, knowing that items are over there, you instantly die when you hit an enemy that you can't avoid. In the same level, there is a point where there is an invisible spring that launches you up straight into enemies and you loose all your rings.

Those are just three of a very long list of bullpoop moments after playing the game for less than half an hour. How people think this is the best Megadrive/Genesis, Sonic, SEGA, platformer or even overall game of all time is beyond me. Maybe the game will grow on me, but I very highly doubt it.

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Capitalism Plus - Seemed like one of the most boring game imaginable till I forced myself to play through all the tutorials(and the is a lot) then I had some fun growing a business and take over others. - Dayman
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Super Mario Bros.3 just in case the image link ends up being broken.

After being completely floored by the oh so unique and vastly different SMB2(favorite NES game of all time), I was instantly dissapointed(Ok maybe not instantly since the World map, along with it's music and SFX were just too freakin' awesome) with SMB3. I knew going into it that it was going back to SMB1's roots, which I love, based on the exciting & epic coverage from Nintendo Power, but there was just something about it that put me off....Graphically, SMB2 looked better or at least more appealing to me, it was more colorful, I liked the music(alhough limmited big time in terms of quantity)and i much prefered the look of the stages and the entire dreamy & quirky feel of it all.

I played SMB3 for 30 minutes on a rainy day(To make things even after renting it from my local Videostore and I honestly wasn't even really motivated to continue...I had the saddest little look on my face, while i then dropped the controller to the ground and flicked on the good ol telly' to discover that the only thing cartoon-wise that was on was My Little Pony. Great episode btw, anyways! While tears trickled down my groovy mullet. It just wasn't the right time or setting to play

Thankfully i saw the light when i went over to a friends house days later to get a better grasp on Mario's crazy 3rd outing and i totaly started to warm up to it. Nowadays, I'm more in love with it than Popsicle Pete, but i'd still rank it as my least favorite old school SMB game. There are so many amazing things about it, but it just didn't have the impact that 2(especially),World and 1 had on me. My favorite SMB3 related moments would have to be seeing and hearing Skyland's map for the first time, seeing the McDonalds SMB3 Happy meal and toy commercials on TV and getting all of them except for Spiney which they never seemed to have, Seeing SMB3 being displayed in full glory in NP and watching Power Glove master 'Lucas' play it on the big screen in that hilarious NintenTournament at the end of The Wizard.

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Some of you guys are kinda missing the point. This is about games with a bad first impression that eventually got better.

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The Last Story (Wii)
I didn't like the unique battle system at first and I had a bad start with it and left it for a while.
When I finally got used to it, I had such a blast with it. Love it now.

Excite Truck (Wii)
What looked like a generic racer upon first glance turned out to be one my favourite racing games of all time.

Robox (WiiWare)
Had a terribly slow and very difficult start with it, but after getting more max health and the double jump it grew into a really exciting metroidvania that I completed 100%. One of WiiWare's most underrated hidden gems.


I actually hated Red Dead Redemption at first. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get the hang of it. I took a break from it to play Mario Galaxy 2...but when I returned, I began to enjoy it a lot.

I don't think it's the greatest game of this gen, but I still found it fun. I just wasn't much of a fan of the 'GTA-esque' mission structure.

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Secret of Evermore.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a Square fan in the '90s (including me) who didn't say this game sucked.
Mostly because it was not Secret of Mana, and in fact pretty much broke the rules of what to expect in a Square game of the time. It didn't have bright colorful graphics, or a cheerful soundtrack. SoE had more dark and realistic toned graphics, and the soundtrack was largely ambient.
And it instead of an epic fantasy storyline, we got a story about a movie-watching nerd and his dog stuck in a virtual world after a science experiment gone wrong.
And also lacking any multiplayer (though Square blamed that on memory limitations when it was originally planned to have half the ROM of the final game).
But otherwise it still turned out to be a pretty fun, very playable and different SNES RPG, enjoyable for what it is. It might be disappointing to have to keep restocking alchemy ingredients (used in place of an MP system), but that at least added some reason to find and explore places to get more spells as well as finding better deals on ingredients. And not any real game-breaking bugs. (I know there's a couple but can be mostly obscure. The only serious one I know is that you shouldn't save and reload with a stat-boosting spell in effect if you want to play legit.)
And... at least I could stand to finish it, which more than I can for a ton of other games I've played since then (Lord of the Rings SNES. Ouch. Addams Family Values. If only that fixed the off-center hit-detection and didn't make your shot range shorter at low health, it could've been much more playable.)



Pilot Wings Resort. Looking at the game at launch it seemed like low quality for my new $250 3ds. The day I bought an XL I decided to give it a shot and now its one of my favorite romps for the system



I'm going to break the rules a teeny tiny bit here and say Majora's Mask, because I haven't yet had the opportunity to give it a second chance.

I was much younger when I tried it, and got it second hand without manuals or anything. I started it, got thoroughly creeped out by the intro sequence, and didn't understand the time mechanic so the moon fell — I was just like, NOPE, I'M DONE. Thing is I was expecting more OoT, and MM is definitely not that. I know I'd enjoy it a lot more if I had the opportunity to try it again, though. If they do a remake for 3DS I'd have to pick one up.

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