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Hello all,

I'm new here, but I found these items in my basement from quite some time ago. These are officially Nintendo licensed Super Mario Bros 3 make up kits for Halloween. They come with a fake Mario nose and some make up pencils and what not to apply the "Mario nose" to the wearer. Originally purchased from Grand & Toy and the date labeled on the back is 1989.

will attach photos

Would anyone be able to tell me if these are worth anything? I understand the card stocks are quite bent and worn. But any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



I'd say there worth $20 at the most. Keep them if you can. Good find by the way

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Best bet is check for them on ebay and see what they go for there.

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That make up kit is as old as me.
Don't think your'll make alot of money out of them, your luckly if you can make $10 bucks out of them.

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