Topic: Are the Final Fantasy GBA games worth getting?

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I am a Final Fantasy fan, just wondering how the GBA versions compare to the other versions out there.

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I've only played Final Fantasy VI Advance, which is a great version of the game. I know some purists don't like the GBA versions b/c of little changes, but the essential gameplay is of course identical. Unless you're a stickler for the original translations, it's just a matter of whether you want to go handheld or SNES.

Of course, I know FF4 (FF2US) has a GBA and DS release, and that the DS release has a graphic overhaul (and not sure what other changes, if any), so a lot of people perfer the GBA version of that one for the old-style graphics.

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Final Fantasy IV on the DS has lots of changes. See here for differences.

All of the GBA versions of the games keep the core gameplay of the originals, add better graphics and new translations, and add some exclusive bonus content, which is usually not available to the player until close to the end of the game.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Dawn of Souls are worth the money. I haven't played the others on the GBA.

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Curt wrote:

All of the GBA versions of the games keep the core gameplay of the originals

No, the FF1 "remake" in Dawn of Souls completely ruins everything that was enjoyable about the original game, rendering it a pathetic shadow of itself that only the most brainwashed Final Fantasy fanboy could possibly enjoy. Disgusting. Get the PSX remake on Final Fantasy Origins instead, THAT one is true to the original.

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@Adamant What did they change in Dawn of Souls?

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I own them all and I enjoy them, but there are some changes that some purists will not like, I think that's abundantly clear. To me VI was the best.

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I have them all, they're all quite good. The only one I didn't care enough to explore the extras of was VI, all the other ones have some pretty nice extras.

LinktotheFuture wrote:

@Adamant What did they change in Dawn of Souls?

It's basically devoid of difficulty, that's about it. It's not bad, but not very compelling, due to enemies that practically die on sight.


Tactics is MUCH better on the PSP. I own it for both of the portables and the visual difference alone is crazy. The nintendo version appears to be very kiddie cartoony.

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The only change I have noticed so far is the magic system, you now have magic points instead of only being able to use each spell level a certain number of times. I like that a lot.

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