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I've always wondered about gravitation toward older games over newer ones. I don't think it's necessarily being old fashioned, though I think being that can be a good thing. Guess there can be many aspects of it. The nostalgic appeal of the classics, ease of access (let's face it, a lot of today's games are not easy to jump right into), childhood memories, et cetera. For one thing, I think older games had an originality and charm that is lost today. An example is the unique NES sound chip. You KNOW music from an NES game when you hear it. It's distinctive. You don't find that today, when all systems are capable of producing the same music. Things like that.

It's a curious thing, since one would think an individual would prefer shiny graphics, surround sound, orchestrated music, and so forth. I guess a comparison I can think of is digital music and records. I've heard it said that there are things lost in the translation of music to digital, and some prefer other formats, even though they could have thousands of songs at their touch on their iPod (which I do). Power to them!

You bring up some great points, some I've thought of, some I have not. I know when I had the Wii VC at my fingertips, I went hog wild buying up old NES & SNES games that would've once collectively cost me hundreds of rupees! Before, I'd get one game at a time, thoroughly playing it and soaking it in. Now, all of a sudden, I've got tons of other games lined up that I've got getting to on the back of my mind.

I've considered that in the past, but not the spoiler factor. I guess there was an element of discovery and mystery to games, pre-Internet. You'd get an announcement and screenshot in Nintendo Power, and only had that to go on. You had months to wonder and be curious about the game, then dig into it when you bought it. Now, you can get almost daily updates, game trailers, and know an entire game just about before it's even released. I knew so much about last year's NSMB games before I ever had them. Guess it takes something away. I hadn't thought much about it, but steering clear of Internet info on games you're interested in seems like a good idea, for the sake of preserving something for yourself when the game arrives.

I don't in the least, however, endorse total rejection of modern technology. The Internet has been a BLESSING in many ways, such as FAQs. I remember spending a fortune (and getting in trouble ) on Nintendo's game help line. Thankfully those days are over, LOL (and it has to be said, the Wii U browser is GREAT for FAQs, when you're playing games on another system and can have the FAQ on the GamePad)! And it's been a blast playing Balloon Fight, PLUS talking about the game, sharing drawings, etc. on Miiverse!

There is this dark side especially tied to Internet capabilities for systems that is really turning me off, however. Forsaking gaming, for me, would certainly happen is some of today's uglier practices become tomorrow's standards. Take the next Xbox, for example, should rumors be true. Even after hundreds for your new system, you'd have to have sufficient Internet capabilities in your area, and be able to pay for it every month. Then, you could be required to pay for Xbox Live. Next, of course, the price for a new game. Then, you're talking about more money for DLC (some of which may be already on the disc). If it's a digital download, you don't even own it, but rather a license to play that game. Should practices like that become a standard, I couldn't endorse them by purchasing the systems. If EVERYBODY does this, I'm a retro-only gamer.

From where I stand, the Internet has created a strange dilemma. Online capabilities opened many doors for game makers. It opened the door to these things, such as DLC, DRM, subscription services, and so forth. Some good, some bad (largely depending on personal opinion). And it opened the door to some of today's shady practices designed to milk gamers. Like on "Final Fantasy: All the Bravest", paying (I believe) a dollar to unlock a character that you DON'T EVEN GET TO PICK, after you've already paid for the game (plus having to pay to continue your game after game over if you don't wish to wait to "regenerate"). Ironic thing is, I think some of these practices have hurt the reputation of companies and, in turn, their game sales. To make up for lessened profits, they're becoming even MORE dependent on download/Internet, and are now trying to force-feed it to gamers in varying doses. It's like what I imagine watching a snake devour itself, starting at the tip of its tail, would look like. Well, I think it's clear by now that the Internet is a blessing and curse. I know there's pluses and minuses to most things. When the minuses outweigh the pluses, what do you do?

I'm not sure what gaming's future holds. But, at least at this point in time, a modern/retro combo is a good one. Playing Super Metroid in conjunction with Miiverse is something I'm greatly looking forward to!

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@FlutterShyGuy I am unfortunately one of those people who (shockingly) didn't grow up with an actual console controller in my hand. It doesn't mean to say I didn't play Super Nintendo (ala Super Mario World or Power Rangers, at my friends), it's just that my parents always wanted us to play "edutainment" games and when they bought me my first console/handheld they intended it for that, though off the top of my head there wasn't any at the time they bought it and my gaming hobby started from there.
I've always loved retro games/systems, the first I owned was my Original Gameboy, I loved that to pieces (and still do), while I've never had the time or effort to put into console games, I've always played a handheld (though in the past 7 years I have bought and played more console games then when I was a kid). I'm not sure I will be going "retro only" anytime soon, but if Nintendo ever goes down the same route that is rumored with the next Xbox, then I will stop buying new games.

Personally, I don't really care if people buy the next xbox or playstation, a lot of the hardware and software on those systems have been shifting to focus on copying what Nintendo does and I'm not very impressed, in fact flattery will get them nowhere in my opinion. The playstation move and the kinect will ultimately fail soon and if there's a kinect 2.0 for the Durango/720 I don't really see it doing any better.

Well, I'm going to stick with Nintendo from here on out, unless a different company brings out a console or handheld that isn't made by sony or microsoft, that's actually worth trying and get's me interested, then I'll consider buying other systems. When there aren't new games for my current systems, I do like to backtrack and play some DS, Gameboy Advance or GB/GBC games, either on their original systems or on the 3DS VC. My collection is not particularly anything to boast about, but I'll say i've finished most of what I do own and I have a big Handheld collection that holds a lot of great memories and classic titles.

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Going full retro huh?
Well, here you go.
Its called the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device,made in 1947.If your going to go full retro, then you gotta do it right.
It has all your favorite games, like missile simulator and others...mostly just the one game.

If thats not your thing, then you can always play with ball in a cup.

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3DS is as modern as I will ever get with my gaming. I have no plans to even buy a Wii U or any other future console. I am watching the gaming industry headed for a total collapse with companies determined to sell only digital content. Yesterday I had to call all over town (actually I live in a big city), trying to track down Fire Emblem Awakening, because Nintendo thought they would be slick, yet again, and drop only a couple copies of the game per store so that everyone who couldn't get one would get the digital version instead. Digital games are a total waste of money. They are never YOURS, because if your system breaks or you sell it, or it gets stolen, or you simply want to use a different one, that game you bought a digital copy of is stuck in the old system regardless of where it is (and of course they think they are doing us a favor by allowing us an all-or-nothing system transfer which I hate).
Retro games never considered doing things that way. You went in a store, bought your game, and could play it however or wherever you wanted. Take it to a friend's house, or put it in a newer shinier system, or just sell the game because it is played out.
Furthermore, many retro games, especially in the 4, 8, and 16 bit era, focused FIRST on GAME PLAY. How fun they could be, how much time you could invest in exploring the game, and how you could feel a personal sense of triumph by making it through the game. Now it seems they are focused on "how can we make a game that brings us more and more money? Let's make it short, simple, and need tons of DLC to keep suckering the gamer into wasting money on it."
I'm already a very old school gamer. My oldest working system in the house is an Intellevision. I have had it since 1982. I have a bunch of great games for it (BurgerTime, Tron Deadly Discs, etc), and I also have many other systems and tons of great games to go with them, and yes, they all work. In fact, many of them I keep hooked up at all times such as my NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, Genesis, and Sega Master System. To me, this is what video gaming is all about. Having fun, and enjoying what you spent your money on, and not feeling like you were ripped off somehow. These games have endured for decades and are still fun to me!
I also very much enjoy my Nintendo DS for which I honestly have over 350 games for (yes, even I am amazed at that). And I have a good time with my 3DS too, which I have over 50 games for.
I think game developers need to take a long look at what really defines the gaming industry, and fix things from the direction they are headed, before retro gaming is ALL we have to chose from!
I'll always love those old games though, and no one can ever change that!

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I think I am retro gamer already... well except for the PS2 I own. That's the newest console I have. Other than that it's NES, SNES, Genesis, and N64. Gameboy too

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No, but I will be skipping the next gen to give me some space and some time to finish my current games.

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Nah,Not Retro-Only,because my Wii U is possibly better than the Wii,GCN,N64,SNES,and NES combined.

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Bankai wrote:

Why is it that only Nintendo gamers thing that all digital games and content is locked to a device?

It's Nintendo's failing that happens. I have games on my iPhone that have been through 5 different hardware versions.

I don't know why the software is on one system, but that really doesn't have anything to do with the thread's topic. Please don't derail the thread.

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Of course I haven't. Do I like all the games released now and the current trends in game design? No. But I'm extremely excited for Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and the new Mario games on the Wii U, and I'd have to be insane to miss out Super Smash Bros 4.

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I haven't thought about this myself, but if I have kids in like 10 or so years, I'm getting them a SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii until they are 10.

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Completely retro? Nope. Some games and trends of today might not be my favorite, but then again, there are games of the past that I don't care for either. So I'll just enjoy a nice smattering of both. I may slow down some, though, so that I can finish and enjoy the games I already have.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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I've thought about it, I'll probably only act on it if Nintendo and Valve (Or any companies that come up in the future that I end up likeing.) kick the bucket before I do.

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Oh yes I have. I prefer playing retro games really. The nice thing about modern games though is that I can play them in shorter bursts, which is more common for me, and make progress because of the frequent saving. Longer periods of time is when I start playing with power and set up the NES or SNES.

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News like today's about Rayman makes me even more concerned for the future, as a Nintendo gamer (and thus a modern day-gamer, as I pretty much go as Nintendo does). With third party support deteriorating for Wii U, it genuinely makes me fear for a day when Nintendo drops out of the console business for lack of that third party support. What I hate about that (beyond nostalgia as a Nintendo fan of 30 years) is that then you are forced to support other console makers and their practices, if you want to continue to play Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc. Plus, unless Nintendo threw their weight behind one console maker, you're looking at buying multiple platforms, in case they don't release all games on one particular system.

I didn't quite grow up with a controller in my hand, but I think that's because there weren't many controllers around to be had yet, LOL. I guess I was like 6 1/2 or so when I played my first games (think it was like late '83). Hard to imagine looking back that there was ever a time when I WASN'T gaming, LOL. I did the edutainment thing with the Adam Computer I got for Christmas like three years later (though I spent most of my time on Zaxxon, Buck Rogers, Chopper Command, etc. ). This is pretty much me. I'm still in the game as long as Nintendo doesn't adopt a lot of these would-be industry standards, which I think is a reasonable hope since they march to the beat of their own proverbial drummer.

Ah, we meet again! Well played... Glad to see you're still LordJumpMad (that is if one of your other multiple personalities hasn't taken over today ;P ).

A lot of the very excellent points you made about yesteryear gaming is why I'm having trouble existing in gaming's here-and-now. Today's business model adopted because of the possibilities of the Internet are very gamer unfriendly. I was thrilled by the possibilities of Internet-connected systems years ago. Today, not so much so (although there are things like Miiverse that I LOVE). And I think these practices are leading to an industry collapse as well. It just seems like total chaos, disorganization and, yes, corruption right now. For those of us like you and I, who were around in the golden age of gaming, I think this all especially goes against the grain. I think we older gamers are possibly more likely to abandon modern gaming, because we were around when things were different, and the more things change, the likely we are to wish a return to that time. Even if it means buying old used games and systems. I guess a lot of this boils down to what you're used to and what gaming environment you grew up in. Oh, I keep all my old systems hooked up too, except for my Atari, Intellivision (got mine in, like, '83), and Vectrex. So, I go WAAAYYYY back too. I'm starting to feel like a dinosaur watching a big flamey thing shoot from the Heavens toward Earth.

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I have been going back buying and completing retro games recently (lastest I bought were F-Zero GX and Viewtiful Joe for the GCN). However, there are so many releases that I'm excited for coming up that it would be ridiculous for me to go all-retro, especially since I just got my Wii U.

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i would never be so shallow as to play old games only.
what kind of simple minded schmuck do you think i am?

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


ogo79 wrote:

i would never be so shallow as to play old games only.
what kind of simple minded schmuck do you think i am?

The kind you can pay $0.10 for on Wii U video chat.

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Ideal_Hero wrote:

ogo79 wrote:

i would never be so shallow as to play old games only.
what kind of simple minded schmuck do you think i am?

The kind you can pay $0.10 for on Wii U video chat.

that price is only valid for valentines day. thanks for the advert though

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


"Have you ever thought of going retro-only?"
NO!!!!! Retro video games and modern video games are all video games, it's just modern games are well, newer, more advanced, but retro games are older, more classic and nostalgic. We should balance what era of video games we play out, because it's nice to be in with the new, but it's also nice to go back to the olden days. You can't just go retro-only for nostaglia's sakes, you should play what your heart wants? Wanna play the first Super Mario Bros.? Go ahead? Wanna play the newest Legend of Zelda? No one's stopping you. Video games are hear for the player's enjoyment, no matter what era the video game you're playing is from.

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