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I ask a trivia question, someone answers it and posts a trivia question of their own for someone else to answer.

What Mario game was intended to be called Koopa Kapers for its European release?

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Aren't threads like this kinda pointless because of this new fangled thing called "Google"?

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@zezhyrule Only you young hippies would use such a bizarre contraption as a web browser! :P

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May I ask what this odd thing called google is? I've heard of a googol but not a google.

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@ 3dash I only know the word goggles. Like as in " oh bob thanks to my battle goggles i did beat you again in this multiplayer shootout session" .

Anyway @ Bass_x0 all i know about mario is his original name was jumpman.

question: Whats the original name of the GB name final fantasy adventures. We all know that game had nothing to do with final fantasy ;)
Just silly marketing trick for usa.

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It was the first Secret of Mana game. The Secret of Mana game on SNES is the second installment or "Seiken Densetsu 2". How does this guy hold the pancakes? Untitled

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We already have a thread for Asking and Answering Questions here.

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as christ99 so kindly pointed out, that asking/answering thread is very popular and i'm sure you will fit right in if you love trivia.

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