Topic: "Accidentally" playing through an old game?

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Donkey Kong II (Game & Watch, with dual-screens)
I haven't played it in a few years, I'd need to just get replacement batteries,
but that's a game I remember having to and feeling like I can go on and on.

They're not really play through-able (G&W) however they're kind of like that,
accidently playing away through an old game!

I'd love to be able to play more Game & Watch games! I remember finding an
actual watch-sized online and was stoked even just to hear about it!
They are simply (addictive) fun!

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I picked up Pokemon Colloseum just to see why my siblings love it so much, all of sudden I'm at Realgam Tower with like 10 hours of logged playtime and completely hooked on the series. Maybe nostalgia from the R/B/Y/G/S/C days. I'm picking up Platinum tomorrow. (Can't Wait For Tommorow)

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