Topic: A new NES Game Released in January 2010?

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Hey Guys yesterday i was browsing the web and i believe i went to since their i get most of my game news nowadays anyway i saw a trailer of a new NES game not for WiiWare like Mega Man 9 but a actual NES game for the Nintendo Entertainment System it's called Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril and after sawing the trailer i don't know what to think as in is it real or fake. All i know is it's supposed to come out in Mid January and there's a DEMO of the Game it's on the screwattack link.


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Timmy looks like a mix of mega man and princess peach from SMB2



i think this game is a combo of mario, zelda, mega man, and that stupid mcdonalds game mckids

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Yes I've seen that before. It's 100% real. It's basically I Wanna be the Guy for the NES from what I've seen. I tried playing the demo of it on an emulator once.


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