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Did anyone go into a GAME store today? They have those Plug and play Megadrive in again, but this time....


With a damn cartridge slot on it!

I know that there was quite a few eletronic hackers making Cart slots on the Mini MegaDrives that Sega and Radical released a few years ago, but this solves that question without modding! It has 10 games built into the system and comes with a Cart slot for MegaDrive games.

Plus I'm interested on what with picture quality is like on this thing. I own 2 MegaDrive Mark 1 systems, one machine suffers major glitches when it tries to render transprancies, and the other flickers pixels inside the PAL borders. I wonder since this is a new machine if it runs like a PC emulator where you get pixel perfect picture, or apply a bit of wishful thinking and maybe it can play games at 60Hz maybe?

What do you guys think?

Anybody bought one of these?

Is it worth £40?

Edit: From what I read from another site, it's region free, meaning that it'll play US Genesis games, plus the slot is that bit wider to play Japanese MegaDrive games on it too. And it can output S-Video too, though I think that's only on the NTSC version since I'm reading a review of it on a US site called AeroPause. It would be awesome to hear if the PAL version can output RGB!

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If it's not endorsed by SEGA, I'd be wary (weary?) of it. Chances are it'll have glitches or a few flickers at least.



Well it's sold by GAME, which is Europe's biggest retailler, if this isn't endorsed by Sega, there would be sueing already. I wish GAME would put this up on their site so I can get some details on the PAL version. Anyways, I got Pay day on Thursday, I might pick one up after Easter.



FWIW, Sega did have cheap MegaDrive microprocessors designed for the Genesis 3. In result, MegaDrive chips are very common, second only to Famiclone chips.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Pluto handheld that was announced at the MGC '09. Being able to play Genesis games on the go with better battery life than the Nomad would be awesome! Here's the presentation from the MGC:



Thought it looked good, but couldn't justify getting one as I already have a Megadrive 2 that's in very good condition and a six button pad.

I figured that play back of some games might not be that great, and the games that come built in have been released in practically every Sega Compilation going.

I have a Twin Fami and the SNES playback on that is almost perfect. Anyone got one of these?



Can you buy the joypads seperate? Thats the only thing I would be interested in as I have a mega drive in working order. I just have a few sticky buttons is all...



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