Topic: zombie games and shooting games are now overused and unoriginal

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I like them but really, I'd just stick to original games from different gaming companies, but lots of people would still be buying these COD titles, even underaged kids such as 11 year olds, I'm not saying they're lame or stupid or anything, but just overused, but you can argue that this is coming from a pokemon fan, but as most children aged 10-13 shouldn't be playing these games, I would suggest they should move to sonic, mario, pokemon or kirby or anything else for their age level

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So is the NSMB series wont stop people from buying them and enjoying them though.



Pretty much echo reala. Whatever arguments you can make about shooters can be made for almost any milked nintendo franchise; especially pokemon and mario games.

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If you want more original games then just stop supporting the unoriginal ones with your purchase. Nothing will change if you keep buying them.

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good to know! if you're just looking for a place to share random opinions on things, perhaps a personal blog, twitter, or facebook would be a better place, lucianaeevee. You could even link to it in your signature so that people could visit and see what you're thinking at any given point in time. :3

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