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Hello, world. Naruto and Sonic were my first two third-party Nintendo franchises that I played during the Gamecube era, and half way through the Wii-era. I didn't start collecting any other third-party franchises until around 2009 or 2010. However, I not only played Naruto games on Nintendo devices, I also had a PS2 and PSP. In fact, the number one reason that I wanted a PSP was because of the Naruto games. But meh, I used it for five Naruto games and gave it to my brother, anyway. I'm a Nintendo fan.

Anyway, I would like to know all of your opinions on what you like the most of Naruto games, and what you were frustrated about. For my PS2, I owned both of the Uzamaki Chronicle games, and also four of the Ultimate Ninja games. What frustrated me about the Ultimate Ninja line was the fact that Ultimate Ninja 5 was never released in America. That had the most out of all of the previous games, with over 70 characters, I think. I wanted all of those characters for heavy roleplay, but, for some reason, it was released everywhere in the world except for America. In 2009, after getting UN4, CONR3, and ND2, I was wondering how many Naruto games could be made. I noticed that, near December 2009, UN5 was released everywhere else. I went on everyday looking for updates, and I eventually gave up.

The same thing happened with Ninja Destiny 3. A sequel to a game that was released in America before. It actually had two installments in America, but why not the third? I liked the idea of having 40 Naruto characters to battle out anywhere I am, and also fight tailed beasts, but was only released in Japan. Instead, we got Shinobi Rumble the next year which I thought was an exclusive outside of Japan to make up for ND3... it wasn't.

With another frustration, I would like to mention my favorite line of Naruto games, the Clash of Ninja line of games. This one is confusing, because instead of having the same games for Japan and everywhere else in the world, they had to have separate games. I'm not complaining too much since I preferred the Revolution games, except for the fact that Japan had a "final" installment for their Clash of Ninja line. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I heard that the "Clash of Ninja Special" Japanese game was supposed to finish of the games and make everyone happy. Well, for America and Europe, we were left with an untold story line and an ending that screams out "another sequel" right on it. I read somewhere that Tomy didn't have the license to make Naruto games anymore, but I don't know. I would love to have just one more game that features many characters up to the arc that is going on right now. This isn't a spoiler thread, so I won't spoil anything I would like to see from the manga. But if they were to make a Naruto game, I sure hope that I could get as many characters as Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst, but up to the latest arc.

What frustrated you? Could you care you to answer my issues that's been going on? Do you feel that there should definitely be a fourth Clash of Ninja Revolution Wii U game to finish things up?

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