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Every year on Halloween I like to pick a couple of games that sort of have a spooky, creepy, horror, sorta Halloween theme to them/

The games I have picked (although I'll probably end up playing one or two of them)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD (PS3)
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut (bought it when it first came out on PS3/Vita decided it would be good to save for Halloween)
Super Castlevania IV (comes out on the Wii U vc on Halloween)
Costume Quest (PS3)

If you'r not going out on Halloween what games have you chose to play on Halloween?

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Tales of Horror. u__u

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I'll probably see if I can play through the Castlevania Adventure without using Restore Points.

The only other Halloween-ish game I have is Gargoyle's Quest, and I played that last year, so I'm doing something a little different this time.

EDIT: Oh, I might also get in a few rounds of pinball on the Blade table in Marvel Pinball 3D (I almost forgot about that).

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I don't know about any games I will be picking up soon but I always like to play some Condemned around Halloween. - Dayman
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Well ive picked up theese in the last few weeks:
Pokemon Y
Wind Waker HD
Nights: journey of dreams
Links crossbow training
But ill probably play through resident evil 4

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Well, I already beat both Luigi's Mansion games... I'll probably play:
Resident Evil 4
Left 4 Dead

Yeah, not a lot of Nintendo love in there... mainly because Luigi's Mansion is the closest thing Nintendo has made to a horror game. Really, most of gaming is escapism, so if playing a role is something you want to do I guess just about anything would be appropriate for Halloween.



Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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Gargoyle's Quest
Demon's Crest
Castlevania Bloodlines
Resident Evil 4
Eternal Darkness

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Castlevania SotN
Dead Space 2
The Walking Dead
Tales of Horror If only I can get my router to work adequately.

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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon I still need to get 3stars in most missions and find the gems...
RE:Revelations I'll try to get good in Raid Mode.
any other game I feel like regardless of Halloween

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Pokemon X
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
Any Main Just Dance games that have someone or something as/ about monsters

I would probably get Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror Fate and/or RE: Revelations since they are on sale

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Well, I had planned to play games like The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Sonic Unleashed, but then Pokemon Y happened and I've pretty much abandoned that schedule.

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Was totally gonna do a Castlevania (all of them) marathon yesterday in celebration, but ended up working all day

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I'm late to the discussion since Halloween is already past, but I played some Halloween games, namely Euro Truck Simulator. I was using one of the Halloween skins. I also played monster-themed pinball in The Pinball Arcade, namely Haunted House (Gottlieb), Monster Bash (Williams) and Scared Stiff (Bally).



I'm late to it too. I don't usually celebrate Halloween whatsoever, but this year I decided to give myself a little treat and bought Zombies (ate my neighbours) on Wii and played it for the first time on the night of the 31st. I love it, gameplay is solid and the game has a superb sense of humour (B class horror movie tribute) and can't wait to try the co-op with my cousin.


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