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I have 11 Switch games and 12 3DS games that been published in 2017, so Top 10 can be easy to say although i haven't even played most of those - my backlag is so long. Maybe i edit this post when i have clear picture.

It all started from Game&Watch.

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bitleman wrote:

Nintendo is still stucked in the mentality of the tiranny of game designers like in the 80's when you had no idea if the game you bought played good or bad. They still haven't understand the modern industry is dominated by scriptwriters and story-tellers. Gamers want new universe, new characters, new stories, not some weird gameplay or level design experiment.

This is the least true thing posted all year, I'm certain.

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I will list my overall top games for 2017 no matter what system they are from.

1. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) — What can I say about this game that hasn't been said already? As someone who is not a fan of 3D Mario games this game took me by surprise. The level designs are great, the music is great too and the graphics are fantastic. Yes it's a collectathon but you can choose how much you want to collect and go to the next world when you are ready not when you have everything.

2. MLB the Show 17 (PS4) — I never played any of The Show games before this, but I was wanting to play a current gen baseball game (plus it doesn't help that my Cubbies are decent in this game) and the retro mode piqued my interest. Well the retro mode definitely won me over as it felt like a spiritual successor to Ken Griffey Jr. on the SNES. However the main game was a pleasant surprise as well. I especially like the amount of options so you can make the game as much as a Sim or arcade sports game as you like.

3. Call of Duty: WWII (PS4) — A return to boots on the ground style game play set in World War II on a current gen console. I don't think I need to say more.

4. Tekken 7 (PS4) — After the disappointment of Tekken 6 this is the main Tekken game I was hoping for. I really loved how they wrapped up Heihachi and Kazuya's storyline. For me it was one of the best storyline for a game this year. When you have a couple of people multiplayer is just as addictive as ever.

5. The Disney Afternoon Collection (PS4) This one was a total surprise. A collection of some of my favorite games as a child on current gen systems, not only that but throw in some extras like boss rush modes and it easily deserves a place on my top games of 2017 list.

Bonus Biggest Disappointment:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U) I am sure this will get me flack here but I was disappointed with this game, and before you think it's because I played it on the Wii U, that doesn't matter. For me it was the gameplay that did it for me. I can appreciate having a large open world to explore, but the fact that there wasn't any real goal except to get Ganon just made exploring the world pointless to me and yeah you can get stuff from the shrines and such but really there wasn't any big incentive to do them at least for me. That and having my weapons break all the time just ruined combat for me. While not necessarily a bad game it just wasn't for me sadly.

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Haven't played many games, so here's my top 5 that I posted on another forum.

5: Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together!
Now, even if this were only the base game, I would still put it on this list. Snipperclips is just such a fun experience that I keep coming back to it to solve a puzzle or play the Blitz mode with my family. With the added “Random shapes” mode, that adds even more re-playability. Snipperclips is an amazing game, and anyone who owns a Switch and has friends to play it with should not hesitate to pick up this game.

4: Destiny 2
While many consider the original Destiny a heaping pile of garbage, Destiny 2 makes considerable improvements. For one, there's actually a story, and the already fun gameplay of the original is improved on. It does get grind after a while, which is why this isn't higher, but the amount of fun I had when I was playing it outweighs many problems.

3: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
I'm probably gonna get some hate for this one, seeing as I'm not putting it at number one, or even number two, and even from a purely subjective standpoint, I think this the best game of 2017, but from a subjective standpoint, I just enjoyed the next two games more. That's not to say I dislike this game, obviously. I think this game is fantastic, and a load of fun. Seriously, if you haven't played this yet, what are you waiting for?

2: Steamworld Dig 2
Now, remember about a paragraph back when I said if you haven't played BOTW, what are you waiting for? Well, for that I understand if you haven't played it, as you may not have enough money for a Switch. But there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't have played Steamworld Dig 2. It's on every console, and on PC/Mac, and is my favorite indie of the year. I really can't even type how fun this game is. Just go play it and see for yourself.

1: Super Mario Odyssey
The game everyone was waiting for came on October 27th, 2017, and it is very safe to say that it did not disappoint. the controls are so fluid and collecting moons is so much fun, and let's be honest. If one of the main complaints about your game is that there's too much content, then let's just say there are worse problems to have. This is the game to buy a Switch for. BOTW was on Wii U, and most other games on the Switch either have a similar counterpart on Wii U, or are on other consoles. But nothing has and most likely never will be like Super Mario Odyssey. It is a phenomenal game that everyone should have the pleasure of playing.


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1. Super Mario Odyssey / Zelda Breath of the Wild. (They'll have to share the honours)
3. Wonderboy The Dragon's Trap
4. Skyrim
5. Doom

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I don't really have one...I don't know why. But I have said this once before and I'll say it again....The Games Awards GOTY will be another FPS. lol

That said, I guess...MH stories? Honestly I need to finish Cuphead already...ugh. I stopped after getting to isle 2. xD

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3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

2. Super Mario: Odyssey

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It was pretty difficult to choose between Odyssey and BotW. But I feel like BotW is a huge risk on Nintendo's part, while Odyssey plays it safe - so that's why I'll pick BotW. Very few companies would be willing to change a successful franchise's formula to the extent that BotW was changed relative to previous Zelda games, let alone be successful at doing so. An incredible amount of things could have gone wrong and I find it very impressive that they pulled it off.

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@Joeynator3000 What do you mean with ''another''? Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014), bad choice IMO, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015), and Overwatch (2016), but hardly your ''traditional'' FPS. This year it's between Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, PUBG, and Mario Odyssey; and I doubt PUBG is going to win...

Either, it doesn't matter, the only reason we watch this stuff is because of the new game announcements.



I kind of like seeing the rewards tbh. So are these rewards given out by popularity vote or is there some sort of group that votes on it? I’d imagine the former since they have their own little voting site.

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As always, this will surely change if you ask again next week or so:

  • 1. NieR: Automata
  • 2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • 3. Yakuza 0
  • 4. Splatoon 2
  • 5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  • 6. Super Mario Odyssey
  • 7. Metroid: Samus Returns
  • 8. Prey
  • 9. The Evil Within 2
  • 10. FAST RMX

I couldn't get around stuff like Nioh or Persona 5 so I'll probably spend early 2018 catching up with those big titles I missed. As far as I'm concerned, this is the strongest year in gaming release-wise since I have memory.

Edit: Wait, I forgot about Doki Doki Literature Club and freakin' Tekken 7. I need to rethink this whole list.

@-Green- Most are 90% jury, 10% audience. A few (trending gamer of the year and the like) are 100% audience, IIRC.

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**Game of the Year**
Zelda: Breath of the Wild (I couldn’t choose between this and Mario Odyssey so I let our 3 year old pick for me)

**Best Game Direction**
Zelda: Breath of the Wild

**Best Art Direction**
Zelda: Breath of the Wild (to no one’s surprise)

**Best Music**
Super Mario Odyssey

**Best Audio Design**
Super Mario Odyssey

**Best Mobile Game**
Fire Emblem Heroes

**Best Handheld Game**
Metroid: Samus Returns

**Best Action Adventure Game**
Super Mario Odyssey (Kind of my way of making up for who I didn’t vote for in Game of the Year)

**Best Fighting Game**

**Best Family Game**
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Every Game listed here is great. I went with Kart because I believe it really is the best listed here to play with family from personal experience)

**Best Strategy**
Mario & Rabbids

**Best Multiplayer**
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (would have possibly picked Splatoon if it had local multiplayer, as in on the same game system)

**Best Debut Indie Game**
Golf Story

I don’t care about trending gamers or esports so I didn’t list those, along with some categories I just wasn’t familiar with at all.

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I still haven’t finished either Odyssey or BotW...but among all I played, Odyssey until now is my GOTY, with Golf Story being my indie and great surprise of the year.

I have a chronic lack of time, for everything.

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My Games of 2017

1) Super Mario Odyssey
2) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
3) Puyo Puyo Tetris
4) Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch
5) Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition
6) Brave Dungeon (3DS)
7) Mighty Gunvolt Burst
8) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
9) Warriors All Stars
10) Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy

-Honorable Mentions-
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Metroid: Samus Returns
Super Bomberman R
Pokken Tournament DX

Flip Wars (Never in all my life have I played a boring, barebones, generic, empty, and dysfunctional disaster of a multiplayer game. Even at $9.99, it still doesn't justify the price tag for one bit. The launch version of Super Bomberman R was much better than this)

The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 3: Wisdom and Lunacy (I'm a huge fan of the Dark Witch series; Liked them all, but loved the living heck out Dark Witch 2 for its vast amount of improvements and content over its predecessor, which for some reason Nintendo Life reviewers disagree with. Dark Witch 3, however, felt far too stripped down from its two predecessors in that I felt like I was playing a beta version of an upcoming game. I love you NAN-A and Inside System for the Dark Witch franchise, but you have disappointed me this time)

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Me, Game of the Year 2017 :
1. Portal Knights (Switch)
2. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ( Switch)
4. Miitopia (3DS)

My Top 5 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (10 / 10)
2. The Sims series (9 / 10)
3. Portal Knights Switch (9 / 10)
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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In my opinion, the top three games of 2017 (out of the small handful that I have actually played):
1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU/NS)
2. Twin Peaks: The Return (TV)
3. Super Mario Odyssey (NS)

If I had a PS4 I'd be all over Persona 5. Based on what I've seen, it would have a solid chance of taking at least the number 3 spot.



Best Games of 2017:
5.Fire Emblem Warriors
4.Super Mario Odyssey
3.South Park The Fractured But Whole
2.Nier Automata
1.The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Best Games I Played in 2017:
10.Fire Emblem Warriors
9.Rocket League
8.Super Mario Odyssey
7.South Park The Fractured But Whole
6.Nier Automata
5.Dark Souls 3
4.Stardew Valley
2.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
1.The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild



my fave game released in 2017 that i have played a fair amount of is probably monster hunter stories on 3ds(my only console). its a pretty big game with a great story and characters and imho the best visuals/graphics/cutscenes on the 3ds(the Bravely series is close but i like MHS sprites a bit more)

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I'll do this differently - I will list the system, my top 10 games and in brackets a score out of 100.
10) SD -Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (70)
9) SD - Super Mario Run (79)
8) 3DS - Miitopia (76)
7) NSW - LEGO City Undercover (86)
6) SD - Infinite Flight (89)
5) NSW - Snipperclips: Cut it out, Together! (90)
4) NSW - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (92)
3) NSW -Splatoon 2 (96)
2) NSW - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (98)
1) NSW -Super Mario Odyssey (99)

My biggest disappointment of the year is NSW - 1-2 Switch (32)



There's a lot of games that I want to play but haven't touched, but for the ones that I remember... (There's also no order to it since for me, they are all top notch)

1. NieR: Automata: From music, to the world and story, it's one of the best I've experienced, hands down. I love it so much that I end up listening to the OST for a month on a loop until my sister told me off. The story was so amazing that I was so surprised with every twist and turn- not to count Yoko Taro was amazing!

2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: I might not have finished it, and only reached Chapter 4... but so far it has been breathtaking, I have enjoyed doing the side quest, poking this time mission thing (if only it runs when the game is closed!), farming for the Blades... the story too, end up making me surprised and confused, and so far it has been performing beyond my expectation!

So far, these two are my top contenders, but there's some other games that deserve mention, BotW was great- but I don't feel hooked too much. It's certainly lovely though! I'm glad that game was the one that really pushed me into Switch. Super Mario Odyssey is another one, the gameplay was amazing, and the control was very snazzy- I love nearly all of it (I hate when you are forced to use motion control since I play purely handheld).

If only I got some other consoles, I'm sure I can add more, but too bad, only Switch and PC and those two are the only ones that really stick to me so far.


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