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Being struck with utter disbelief at Prison Island's event in Xenoblade.
Beating Dark Souls.
Shooting the moon
Accidentally beating Gone Home in 5 minutes on my first run. (A memory, but not a good one)


  • Playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time on my new NES.
  • Beating classics like the Legend of Zelda (NES) and Metroid.
  • Final Fantasy VI:

Watching dumbstruck as the character I thought was comic relief usurped the power of ultimate magic and destroyed the world.

  • Getting the Master Sword for the first time in A Link to the Past.
  • Playing the demo for Thief: The Dark Project. Several dozen times.
  • Playing with the flight cap in Super Mario 64.
  • Exploring a 3D Hyrule for the first time in Ocarina of Time.
  • Watch the lead up to the final battle in Child of Light. Chills.

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-After playing the demo on the Zelda Collector's Edition for a long time, I got Wind Waker for my birthday. I played it immediately, and when you start the game it's Link's birthday... that was always so special to me for some reason lol. As lame as that is, that always stuck with me
-First time I ever saw a 3D video game (Spyro on my cousin's PS1)
-I was going through a really rough time in my life when I first played the Mass Effect trilogy. When I started playing the second game, my grandfather got very ill and passed away. I didn't really have anyone to talk to about it, but somehow I felt less alone because of the characters in ME2. It's weird, I know, but it eased my pain somehow.
-When we were younger, my older sister and I would often settle our disagreements with a few rounds of Smash Bros. Melee
-My dad's swearing fits when we play Mario Kart together and he falls behind
-When I play Uncharted 2 I can't help but think about high school and all the good times and how I miss my best friend



1.Um my first experience with video games in general which was the Playstation Demo Disk 5 on my uncles playstation my dad was borrowing.
2.Getting my very first console that was just for me the Gamecube when I was 5 and playing my first game on it Super Mario Sunshine which started my Mario and video game craze. Also beating it since it was the first game I ever beat.
3.Me wailing on my sister in every game we played. And tricking her into playing Tails in Sonic Adventure DX
4. Going over to my cousins house next door to play Mario Kart Double Dash on co op mode and unlocking the Parade Float.
5.Beating my first Zelda Majora's Mask which was a feat in itself as I was terrified of the game.

Capcom at E3: Guys we're sorry about how we've been treating Mega Man so we're gonna make it up to you by releasing the Mega Man Cancelled Collection with all the titles we cancelled in the condition they we're in just before we pulled the plug. Now who wants Street Fighter X Monster Hunter?


Hands down, beating the original Zelda with my dad. It was back in the 80s and I was only 4 or 5, but gosh I remember watching him fight Ganon at the very end and being so nervous until the fight was over. I even remember being scared that the fire (it was little blocks of fire, right?) surrounding the staircase would kill us if we accidentally walked into them after the boss was already dead!



The first time I beat Ocarina of Time was amazing. Watching that final cut scene was one of the most awesome feelings of my life. That and beating Half-Life 2.


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Super Mario Bros 2
It was 2 weeks of SMB2, the Super Mario Bros Super Show(including LOZ), peewee's playhouse, TMNT, lots of sugary cereal in the morning, art books, crayons and crafts full of SMB2 characters, the works. I was obsessed with this game. And it sparked my imagination like no NES game before it. It was towards the end of 1989, and this SMB2 was the defining gaming moment for me and quite possibly the greatest gaming memory for me period.
Hurling vegetables at enemies was and still is for moizy more satisfying & fun Vs hopping on enemies.

Also, the SMB super show even used characters and sound effects from SMB2 USA, it was an absolute dream to see my favorite game chracters spring to life in toon form! Captain N? same deal!

Others >

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Kid Icarus
Mega Man 2
Bubble Bobble
T&C Surf Design
Zelda II: Adventure of Link
Ninja Gaiden
Mega man
Super Mario World
Super Mario Kart
Mega Man X
Resident Evil (PS1)
Klonoa (Wii)
Wario Land Shake it!
Wario Ware Smooth Moves
Zack & Wiki
ect ect

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The time I played Luigi's Mansion, getting stuck in Twilight Delight in Paper Mario The thousand year door.........lots of memories man......all from Nintendo.

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My earliest gaming memory, getting the keyboard for the Amstrad down and plugging it in all by myself at 3yo (couldn't wait for mum to get it down for me).

Also in Dead Space Extraction:
Using the wiimote to hack your own arm off
Video games being desensitising my arse, it was almost like I was doing it to myself. There was a part of my brain saying "No! BAD! Don't!"

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Many moments in smash bros melee, defeating majora's mask, missingno, the ending of mother 3, when that guy from Sacred Stones goes crazy and keeps his wife's dead body and talks to her.

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I think the best moment/memory I have related to a videogame would be


Playing Tales of Symphonia...

When I found out Zelos and his whole situation.. I was stunned.. and the scenes where each character starts departing..

also when I got my 14,000 + hit combo !!



-First time going through (insert NES game I liked and didn't suck at here)
-Exploring Banjo Kazooie and OOT as a kid (like the time I saw Goron City and assumed it said Ganon City thinking it was Ganon's place XD)
-First time battling Ganondorf
-First time seeing the final battle of Final Fantasy VII
-The finale of Kirby's Adventure
-Playing Golden Sun during the Summer (not sure why but that always comes to mind)
-The finale of the 3rd Ace Attorney
-Finally beating Metroid Prime 2 on hard mode
-I know Metroid Prime and Mario Galaxy on their own is cheating but screw it
-The surprisingly creepy dungeons in Megaman 64 and the entire first Bonne battle
-Everything about the story in Wind Waker
-Everything about the story in Mother 3
-Playing World of Goo again. But on PC. And in school (this actually happened).
-Lots of multiplayer Pokemon during 2nd gen.
-Zapdos destroying everything in Pokemon Stadium
-Beating the last two Rayman games with a friend. Each in one sitting.
-The one time me and some friends made up our own fake little Smash Melee tournament.
-Same with Halo 2.
-Every KK Slider appearance, especially in the GCN game
-The obvious stuff about Portal
-That time I got the E3 2003 Gamespot DVD
-Trying to get perfect scores in the missions in Mario Kart DS
-Homerun Derby in Melee with Yoshi
-My entire run of playing Halo 1 (PC) online
-The time I helped a friend on his RPG Maker fan game
-Most of the arcade games my parent's bar happened to get (OUTRUN, GOLDEN AXE AND NFL BLITZ : O )
-The time I played a mediocre squad based shooter and accidentally got my friend killed under a bridge by blowing up a bridge.

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When I got my first computer, an Amstrad CPC 6128 and played the game Sorcery + on it, my first ever computer game

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derek_combatir wrote:

I think the best moment/memory I have related to a videogame would be


Playing Tales of Symphonia...

When I found out Zelos and his whole situation.. I was stunned.. and the scenes where each character starts departing..

also when I got my 14,000 + hit combo !!

I was so bad a combos in that game.

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-The day we got our GameCube for Christmas. It was our first console. All I remember was that it came with DoubleDash!! and my parents forgot to get a memory card, but it's still a great memory.
-The day I won a DSLite from a contest. It was some sort of hot dog brand and each pack had a code you could use a couple of times so, naturally, I asked my mom if she would buy some and she did. The first code didn't win but the second one did the second time she entered it!
-The day my brother rented Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. That game started my biggest hobbie, pinball. I had played other pinball games before, but none of them were like real pinball, none of them had real time 3D graphics, none of them had easy to learn and understand rule sets, and none of them had good physics, all of which The Williams Collection had. All those things really drew me into the game and sparked my interest.
-The time I bought and first played Minecraft. I remember this really clearly. I came into the computer room one day, and I saw my brother watching some Minecraft videos. Once he showed me I was instantly sold. It looked just like my kind of game. I remember when I bought it, the downloader just wouldn't download the game. My mom was telling me that if I couldn't get it to work soon I'd have to get it refunded, and I didn't want that, so I got desperate. I actually had a friend sign in as me and download the game on his computer, then he sent me the game files and I put them on my computer, and sure enough it worked! I never had any trouble again either. I remember how different the game felt when I first started playing. It felt new and exciting, with so much to do and discover and explore. Now I'm totally used to the game and know most of the ins and outs. The only way I can get that feeling I had when I first started is if I hear someone playing this one Bejeweled game, because my mom was playing it a lot when I first started playing Minecraft, and the music from that Bejeweled game gives me a nostalgia explosion.
-The day I beat Minecraft. I had never beat Minecraft, so to "force" myself, I told myself I would only buy the new soundtrack once I defeated the Ender Dragon. I completely switched my focus to getting to the End, and it took me about a week, but I finally did it, and bought the soundtrack. (Which has the song "Alpha" I'm always talking about. Seriously, listen to it if you haven't yet.)
-Playing Myst and Riven when I was little. I just loved exploring those amazing worlds when I was young. I could entertain myself for hours just walking around, playing pretend, and riding the minecart in Riven back and forth. Sure, everything in the games was spoiled since I used strategy guides and GameFAQs to solve everything, but I still think I enjoyed them more then that if I had played them now. Also, fun fact, Myst is where my username came from. I think I first used it in Webkinz, but I'm not sure, it was a long time ago. If I were to think up my username nowadays I'd never choose mystman, but I've had it for so long it just stuck.
-Playing through Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 with my brother. It was great. I was so bad he did most of the playing, but we still had fun together, talking, and enjoying the soundtrack, good times. Sadly he's gotten really busy with school work so I had to start playing through 3 without him...

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Really, just playing games with friends and family. I remember specific days where we played certain games, whether at my place or at their place or wherever. I miss the days where you could just invite people over and play video games all night.

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Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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I'm just going to go ahead and assume spoilers are fair game.

Killing GLaDOS at the end of Portal, seeing the cake, and hearing "Still Alive" for the first time over the credits was artistic perfection.

Failing the last level of Super Mario Sunshine over and over with my cousins as our collective sanity faded, resulting in lyrics to a song about burning Elmo alive was certainly memorable.

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