Topic: Your favorite game or game series.

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Mine is Uncharted, whats yours?

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I can't pick a favorite. There are loads of franchises I love to death. Mario, Zelda, No More Heroes, StarCraft, Portal etc. etc.

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Game: Metroid Prime
Series: Either Zelda or Mario

in terms of this gen (or last gen thanks to Nintendo's new systems or something), The Orange Box (Galaxy 1 if that doesn't count) and for series either Assassin's Creed or Phoenix Wright.

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I can't pick a favorite game.

As for series probably Mass Effect.

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Game: Metal Gear Solid
Series: Metal Gear Solid

Animal Crossing is definitely a very, very close runner up. If it wasn't for City Folk's mediocrity.

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RPG: Kingdom Hearts series

Action-Adventure: Zelda series

Fighter: Dead or Alive series

Party Fighter: Super Smash Bros. series

Platformer: Super Mario series

Racing: Mario Kart series


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I don't really have a favourite series, I just like any and every great game that comes out really, since all series can vary greatly between great and garbage games (e.g. Sonic Colours and Sonic 06) But if I had to choose, probably Zelda, then Mass Effect (excluding the sub-par last 1/2 hour) I also like Assassin's Creed, but the series has been good, just not great, before 2 and after Brotherhood.

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RR529 wrote:

RPG: Final Fantasy/Square Enix RPGs e.g. Chrono Trigger

Action-Adventure: Zelda series

Party Fighter: Super Smash Bros. series

Platformer: Super Mario series

Racing: Mario Kart series

Well that's me, Fixed.

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My favorite series is FE, but other games in different series have beaten that out for my favorite game.

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My favorite game is Metroid Prime Hunters, and my favorite game series is Metroid. I have been satisfied by every Metroid game that has come out, and have completed them all with the exception of Metroid Prime Pinball which I think I'll be ordering soon.

Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


RPG: Final Fantasy series

Action-Adventure: Alan wake series

Fighter: VS series

Party Fighter: Super Smash Bros. series

Platformer: 3D mario series

Racing: excite series

FPS: Left4 Deadseries (followed by Halo)

Puzzzle Portal series

Strategy: Fire emblem series

Sports: SSX or Tony hawk

simulation/relaxing: Katamari

downloadable: A kingdom/world For keflings



Favorite Game: Zelda OOT 3d
Runner Up: Pokemon Heartgold

Favorite Series: Smash Bros
Runner Up: Old school sonic, not the new stuff..

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The World Ends with You, or Tetris.

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Game: Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3
Series: Mario, but only because there's more variety.

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Game: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Series: Probably Zelda, but it's very much up in the air.

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game:tales of the abyss
sereis:sonic,tales of,zelda,metroid prime, pokemon, final fantasy 1-10, halo, ratcher & clank , jak & daxter, banjo kazooie(while it lasted) , smash bros,



Game: Super Mario World
Series: Halo



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