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What is your favorite browser game.

If there is already a thread for this please let me know, thanks

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Newgrounds Rumble



Flash Flash Revolution

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Probably Happy Wheels, but don't really play Browser games that much.

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I Don't Even, I Don't Even Know and 100% Complete.... but just as a few people said, I usually stick to video games.

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Any one that gives my computer viruses, I love the error messages

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online footballmanager (europe)

Steam: ACAB or 6ch6ris6
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Happy wheels for the win. I occasionally play Raze 2

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I haven't played browser games in a long, long time. But I remember playing Crush the Castle - a better and earlier Angry Birds style game.


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Kingdom Rush. Best TD flash game ever.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, would you kindly?


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There used to be a minigolf game I played all the time on Not even sure if the site exists anymore (or if it does, the game may not be there. Who knows?).

In middle school, everyone went to, and they had some seriously good stuff (even a fully 3D dogfighter). Mostly, everyone just played billiards though.

As for other random games, there were both fan made Mario, and Sonic platformers (can't remember where), a game where you controlled a commando looking penguin, who had a bazooka that shot snowballs, & :Shift:, which I enjoyed enough, that I actually bought it when it released on AppStore (can't remember what site it was on, though).


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Super Mario Bros. 3.

Oh...didn't see the "r"....

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Krimbatize wrote:

Super Mario Bros. 3.

Oh...didn't see the "r"....

You're so clever.

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