Topic: Your favorite and most disliked Genre of gaming?

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My favourite is the pure RPG.
My least favourite is sports.

Actually, I like Bowser AND hairy bellies!


I don't like sports games. If I want to play a sport, I play it in real life. There are also those stupid dress-up games.
I like everything else.

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Favorite: Tie between adventure and platform games.
Least favorite: RTS games.

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Favorite: RPG's, 2d platformer's, and FPS's
Hate it:simulation games, 3d platformers

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Favorite: 2D Hardcore, Racing, RPG, Action Adventure
Hate: RTS, Text, Football Games, Most sandbox games

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Favorites: Adventure, Platformer, Racing, Shooter, RPG, Strategy, Fighting, Puzzle.
HATE: Sports games.

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Well I play everything and like most of it. But my favorite genre is the adventure genre.

I don't really like sports games though. Sure I like the Mario sport games, but most of the realistic sport games I don't like (apart from racing games). I also don't like games that have to much management stuff in it. I don't like to have so many options just to setup a game or a level. I have to read to much to understand all the options. Stuff like Football Manager games or some RPG's and tactical games I have much trouble to really enjoy it.

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favorite: shumups I'm terrible at them yet I'm still addicted and want to try out as many of them as I can. Though I'm not nearly as good as most shmup fans I love how "pure" an experience they can be and how they can be great for zoning out. I especially love stylish or abstract shmups like kenta cho's games or cactus games. Most games are so hard yet so fun when you actually start doing well.

least favorite: rts. There's been some games that I've kinda like like total annihilation and myth but overall rts games usually just piss me off especially online. Getting your army all set up just to find out your opponent already has as army ten times the size of yours right about to crush you is just no fun. Which was pretty much every time I tried to play starcraft online. I like strategic elements in games and even like turn based strategy but having to have a set way to build up your units and having to do it extremely quick makes rts games often devolve into twitch clicking games.

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geez no love for sports games

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I like: fighting games (SSBB, Marvel vs. Capcom), Strategy (Pikmin, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem) RPG (TWEWY, Chrono Trigger, FF IV)
Yet I dislike: Vehicle simulation (except Mario Kart) and Sports

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I don't truly DISLIKE any genre. I like any well designed game. If I had to choose one, I guess it'd have to be minigame collections. Even then it's not like they have to be bad, just the overall design of most of them are lazy and lack any sort of focus. If anyone put real effort in a "Family Fun Ultimate Blast Party", I could even enjoy those as well.

@ Rjay
Yeah its kinda funny as sports is the one genre that Wii is perfect for and no one here cares about them. LOL!

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@RJay: Yeah, because it's a crappy, mass-market genre, and we here on Nintendo Life have refined tastes. That's MY self-righteous explanation, anyway.

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Can't get enough of RPG's. But I prefer turn-based ones to be honest.
I can't stand sport games unless they've got Mario in or some other game character.

I'm a Paul Heyman guy.

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