Topic: Your favorite and most disliked Genre of gaming?

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Striving to be and actually BEING good are two completely different things. I was explaining the motivation for people playing games that are so brutally difficult as being in order to belong to that small unique club of gamers that eventually become the best. While I always strive for that, I have learned to accept that I don't have the kind of free time to put in in order to reach the level of the greats. I have a family, job, and this site. But I keep on playing when I have the chance. Who knows what will happen. Maybe one day I'll wake up and it will all just click. But I won't be holding my breath.

And I understand your motivation perfectly. Whatever drives you.

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Yeah, okay. Corbie and Stuffgamer1, masters of the back-and-forth off-topic conversations.
I really do enjoy them, but I also really need to get some sleep. Back at that "have to be up in four hours for church" place. Not to suggest I don't want to go to church or something. I just sometimes wish it wasn't so darned early.

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Favorite: tactical rpg (Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, Luminous Arc, Disgaea, etc.)

Least Favorite: difficult to say really, I guess open world western style RPGs.

In the older Nintendo Powers they used to have all the reviewers write down their opinions on the genres from favorite to least favorite. I always thought that was a really cool way to show potential bias in a writers reviews.

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The only shmup I'm actually able to play is Galaga, but I'm not a connoisseur of games like that; in fact I don't know anything about shooters other than the obvious ones. Zevious, Galaga, Galaxian, all that jazz.

I just downloaded the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D again, (and the original Duke "Nukum")
Man, it's been such a long time since I played either of those. I forgot the digitized sound comes straight out of the PC tower, not the speakers. That was a long time ago, kids.

Oh, I don't think I ever said my favorite genre. I guess that would have to be action/adventure (like Zelda, since I don't consider Zelda an RPG)

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Take it easy Stuffgamer1.

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I agree with SupermarketZombies about N-Power. I was able to pick out the couple of people whose tastes most closely matched my own and put extra weight on their opinons. I think every review magazine and website should do something like that.

Oh, wait, this isn't me going to sleep! And that's why I'm still up this late in the first place. Obsessive-compulsive posting problems.

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Cho Aniki is a ton of fun if you can look past all of the homoerotica lol lol

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My Nitemares Came Back O.O!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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I like the genre action-RPG but I can petty much enjoy any game but what I really like is something i'v never seen before. I'v been playing video games such a large percentage of my life if im not being overwhelmed im being underwhemed. I dont care for online games(why shoud I care if I beat some random person in the world) .

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I don't think anything happened to Brain Damaged Toon Underworld. It's their first lengthy game, so I imagine it will take quite awhile. Honestly, I can't wait to see how they handle that, but I think I will always prefer Cactus's short, one-sitting games. They really hit the sweet spot.

On-topic: I think I'm more of Corbie's long lost twin than Stuffy, even, as I quite like shoot em ups myself... even if I am awful at them. Only thing is I'd have to put tournament fighters in the least favorite category. I like them in concept, but they always end up being way too complicated and beginner-unfriendly. That's why I like shoot em ups. You just move and shoot!

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My favorite genre is a close tie between FPSes and RPGs. I dunno which.

My least favorite is RTSes. I can't stand them, for some reason. (Also technically JRPGs, but since some early ones - i.e. the first Dragon Warrior and the first Final Fantasy - are OK JRPGs are exempt.)



Favorite: Action/Adventure/RPG
Least Favorite: Sports

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Favorite: Platformers
Least favorite: FPS and MMORPG



Even though cutscenes are one of my greatest pet peeves in gaming, RPGs are my favorite genre. I practically live by a motto of "No stats, no sale!" (But I'm loose with definitions; "stats" can even be high scores in 2D shooters.)

My least favorite games are probably real-time strategy. They're not the only ones I don't care for, but in other genres like sandbox games, stealth, survival horror, and others I at least understand which aspects are supposed to appeal to me--the freedom, the tension, the tension again, and so on. With RTSes I usually just don't get it.

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Favorites: RPG/Fighting/Platform
Dislikes: FPS/Sports/MMORPG/Music/Party/Horror/Simulation

Racing games are okay if they're not realistic. (Mario Kart/F-Zero)



RPGs, FPS and RTS are generally my favourites, along with certain kinds of platformers.

Least favourites are definitely racing and sports

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Favorite - FPS,RPG,Select Sports,Action
Least favorite - RTS



Picking a favorite genre is tough, but I'd have to go for FPS, platformers and the "Western" style of RPGs.

Least favorite would be most sports titles (some rare exceptions) and nearly all JRPGs (again, there are some exceptions).

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