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Alright, doods! Welcome to this thread, about XCOM: Enemy Unknown (if you couldn't tell). Now, since this is a Nintendo website, and Nintendo systems have not been blessed with this gem, I'll summarize the game for those unfamiliar. XCOM is a reboot of a classic strategy franchise, and one of this gen's greatest strategy games, IMO. It puts you in the face of mankind's darkest hour, being invaded by extra terrestrials, and as the commander of the XCOM project, you must take control of the world's strongest special force units and end the aliens' plans for earth.

Does this not sound awesome enough?

Here's some more!

Unfortunately, for those members who play only Nintendo, the game isn't available on the Wii U. It is, however, on the PS360 and PC (Mac too, I believe), for $40, which is a steal for all of the awesome the game holds in store.

Better yet, as of 7/26, the game is free of charge for PlayStation Plus members!

And now, this is where the discussion starts for this gem, but if you would kindly try to keep it spoiler-free, (I know story isn't the strong point here, but still) much would be appreciated!

Is it just me and my brother, or are the snipers with squadsight just awesome in this game? They usually end up being my MVP.

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Bought this on the Steam sale for €9. Haven't tried it yet.

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I play it on the PC. It's awesome, and I don't even usually enjoy turn-based strategy games.

For anybody wondering, it's not large-scale management like Civ, Command and Conquer, or Age of Empires. You control a small squad of people (between 4 and 6) and take on missions against the aliens. What's really cool is that you have a dynamic base that you go back to in between missions. You have total control over this base. You choose where to build facilities, how to connect them, research projects, fighter jet scrambling, etc.

If you like anything along these lines, you'll definitely love the game. I found a few glitches on the PC version, but nothing that ends your game. It's also kind of like Fire Emblem in that your squad members, once killed, do not come back! So you end up taking your time and actually caring about the moves you make. It's fun!

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Got this in the Steam sale. It looks awesome. Have had my eye on this since I saw it featured at a con last year.

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I bought this in the Steam sale too. I started playing it earlier this week and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far.
It lacks a bit of polish but it makes up for it in overall charm. One of the better games I've played so far this year.

I'd recommend it to any/all fans of SRPG's and turn-based combat in general.

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