Topic: Xbox One? is it a plus(+) or minus(-)?

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I don't think a bundle w/o Kinect should or will happen, so ya.

A. No
B. Yes
C. I like Xbox Live better than PSN/PS+. Not sure if that counts. The services are still mainly the same from 7th to 8th gen.
D. More games, use Kinect more often, come out with a handhled so that we can see what an XBox "Go" looks like

E. It depends on the person.

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A. No
B. No
C. -
D. Buy Nintendo
And finally...
F. No

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Jaz007 wrote:

A. No
B. No.
D. No.
F. No.
Reason. I have a PS4 and love it. I can't justify an Xbox One in addition.


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