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This week's Deal of the Week for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers is the unique Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers, which is 50% off.

Normally available for 800 Microsoft Points ($9.99) this week you can buy it for only 400 Microsoft Points ($4.99). If you are a fan of the game, or ever played the TCG, you MUST get it... if you've never played MTG, this is the perfect time to get the game and start learning, since the default decks are perfect for learning!.

Anyone is getting this game? I'm buying and downloading it as I post this!

EDIT: Out of the excitement, forgot to put a link to the Marketplace, here you go:

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But I want Shadow Complex, The Behemoth's Game 3 probably, and some that I've yet to get.

Don't know how I'm going to play all these games, though...I can only play till 5 PM...

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Oh mighty 2001.... how I miss you, how I miss the never ending Magic sessions and listening to Puff The Magic Dragon while playing..... If I had an Xbox I would play you with all my nostalgic heart... I'm old... but wiser.



I'm right there with ya rusty. I spent so much time and the little bit of extra money I had on Magic cards. At least I'm happy that I was able to get all the money back out of them that I put into them. I wish I could say that about every hobby I had.

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I bought this game saturday for full price. /cry.



Well, this game is your chance to revive old days for only $5 lol ...
that reminds me, this game brings my total investment on MTG to $30 lol... $25 on the Shards of Alara pre-release and $5 on this game lol, thanks to a MTG-addicted friend I got a full deck of my own owt of that $25 along with enough spare cards to trade lol

This also reminds me, how much I want to see again a Pokemon TCG videogame... I never owned the old one, but played a bit on a friend's GBC at school... I'd love to see it even if it's on DSiWare, I wouldn't mind investing some more money on the Pokemon TCG, I've loved building all my decks and would surely love the game lol

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I ended up getting it so I could play it with my mum's boyfriend. It's been pretty fun so far, although it seems they changed the rules since the last time I had played Magic. I'll try to get in some co-op tomorrow. Thanks for the tidbit, mac.

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I still have all my Magic the Gathering cards from like a decade ago (like 1000 or so). Haven't played in years and they simply sit waiting to be sold one day. Is the Magic game on PSN or PC as well? I played the old PC Magic games but they sucked. This one any good?

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