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@BrainOfGrimlock You know I was all tempted to. I loved the first reboot. Amazing game. I have a little shopping list, some of which is preorders for 2019 games that I bought prepaid cards to pre-pay form them already so they just "arrive" (DMC5, Sekiro.) Hitman 2 was on my list (pun unintended), but...they way IOI releases these games makes it seem like a terrible purchasing decision. The first one with the seasons was a terrible way to release it. And now with 2, for $60 you get some of the scenarios. Then for another $40 you get the rest. Or the weird silver version that has half of the rest. But then they also sell the Legacy Pack....that's not actually for sale yet...that includes full remastered versions of the original reboot with the new mechanics. But wait, there's more! Then there's the GOTY Legacy Pack that contains the remastered versions of the "Full, complete, this time it's all of it, really, honest" original game with the new mechanics....which is also not yet for sale.

So in one release they've both told you that the complete game with all scenarios (you only get a few in the box) is $100 minimum, and then they tell you for an additional fee, you can play a better version of the original game. And you get to chose whether you want to rebuy the original base version of the complete season, ore rebuy the whole actual complete season a second time, giving a giant foam middle finger to everyone who already bought parts of the first game more than once as they kept updating it already.

I want the game, I want to like it, I'm sure I'll get it and love it. But I think I'd rather wait until it's less than $100 to get the actual complete game. Maybe when Hitman 3 launches I can buy the proper up to date remastered version of this one as DLC for it.... I do hope there's loot boxes next time! #disappointedinwarner.

There are some games I don't mind buying the $100 gold edition to get all the extra campaign stuff I know I want. But I don't like being forced into buying it simply to get the complete game.

@Dezzy Hitman isn't Squeenix anymore. Warner has the publishing rights now. IOI broke from Squeenix after the first season of Hitman reboot.

OTOH if Tomb Raider is losing money....again...despite dominating charts....again....Squeenix needs to massively think of restructuring their budgets even beyond FF.

@DarthNocturnal So FFXIII is 30GB on X1X, a little over double the size on 360. Weirdly, the two sequels are around 7GB. Less reliant on FMV maybe?

@Dezzy @BlueOcean I have to say the FFXIII remaster is GORGEOUS on X. It looks like a brand new 2018 game. Stellar work aside from the "XBox 360 Memory Unit" text in the save UI. It actually says "Disc 1" on the saves. That said, revisiting it, I'm enjoying it more than the first time, knowing what to expect from it, but I'm also re-remember how terribly monotonous and repetitive it is. The first time I went through the beginning thinking "ok this is just the tutorial, it'll open up into a real FF soon. And then when it got to Hope in the ruins I thought "ahh, this feels like FF now, this is when it opens up"....and got progressively disappointed as it went on and never did that, realizing that was all there was.

It's hard to place why it's just so terribly repetitive versus, say, FFX, or even Octopath. They both involve following narrow trails, in a straight line, fighting battle after battle. Why does it feel so different? I think the main things are, like Dezzy said, X and Octo have towns. you feel like you're journeying from endpoint to endpoint as destinations and origins, leaving one place to go to a new place, and there's a trip between. In XIII there's no destination, nor origin, it's just an endless straight line to an unknown final end. And that's the other part: It moves in very tight, very narrow straight lines. No real turns, very few forks in the road. X, Octo give you choices, do I go right, or left. Do I risk going for that treasure and taking a longer route, or skip the treasure and follow a safer path? You have that tension of risk/reward. XIII simply tells you to always hold forward through the 5 foot wide, ruler-straight hallway until the credits roll. No risk/reward, or path selection. Not really even stairs to add verticality. Just non-stop forward movement. You might go down a tiny side corridor for a perfectly safe "hidden" treasure that shows up on the map. But it's no more than 3 steps away, because the whole hall width is 3 steps. It's not really different from X minus NPCs, and X was already criticized for linearity and lack of quests. But it feels different because X had twisting winding pathways. Even if you could only go one way it was still a sense of the unknown around corners. Here it's just "proceed down hall to next visible monster.)

That said, the producer comparing it to a shooter makes sense. If viewed as a weird turn based Halo or DOOM it makes a lot more sense. One long hallway stopped every 5 seconds by a wave of enemies to take out to advance another 5 seconds to take out another wave of enemies, it fits that theme more. If you view it more as a turn based corridor shooter than an RPG, it's a repetitive, but better game.

I also realized, thematically, style wise where the story fell apart. We were talking about VII and how it's technically a broken mess of a story but somehow loved. But Square's obsession with duplicating VIIs success shows clearly in XIII. Cocoon exists simply to be New Midgar. That's its entire purpose. Lightening exists to be "New Cloud Strife." Sanctum exists to be New SOLDIER. NORA exists to be AVALANCHE. They really just wanted XIII to be VII-R without having to break VII. And that's why it has a hard time standing on its own. It's a kind of generic replacement for VII made "modern."

Recognizing the details of where it falls flat makes it a lot easier to enjoy what it is though, I think. We all expected something really different the first time around.



@ThanosReXXX LOL, yeah, the crowd was a bit overdone....more than a bit. And the "surprises" weren't. (Keyboard/mouse list is pretty lame, too.) Not even XCloud was there, which surprised me. It was mostly a 1X love fest. Which is a good thing. I also found it interesting that Phil's focus is mostly on PC and the store for now.

I almost wish it was a The Crackdown 3 show. We didn't see much of the big exclusive, and missing the campaign was little worrying. If Crackdown 3 is really all about arena multiplayer, it's not going to be that significant. Especially if it's releasing with Anthem.

Obsidian and inExile.....I don't think they're all that incompatible. Brian and Feargus created half the CRPG genre together. Most everything else including their own works are derivatives of their earlier work together. Both of them are still Black Isle at heart. inExile just has no budget to do.....really anything. but it's a small studio, so it's not hard to realign. They don't have to be merged into White Island or anything. But they can and should work closely with each other. They split because they were forced to and tried to recreate the magic separately as best they could, not because they had separate visions (Feargus launched Obsidian to kind of "relocate" Black Isle while Brian was still struggling to right the Interplay ship as an executive from the inside before his exile by the hostile board.) But they worked together for longer than they worked separately.

I do also wish they'd stop hyping "amazing" gamepass titles that are cheap low budget games. Nobody pays $10/mo for that.

Haha, well FF was the one big surprise that made the whole show worth watching. The lost in limbo trilogy has been debated forever "will it do BC, or does lack of BC mean HD trilogy is inevitable?" That was basically like Nintendo dropping "Ocarina HD remaster" at the end of a direct

I have a love-hate relationship with FF. 7 is both a timeless classic and a seriously overrated piece of trash (materia system is great though.) 8....ok, nobody talks about 8, not even Square. 9 is a masterpiece. If you don't play 9, you hate yourself. I imagine it won't be more than $20 when it launches, just buy it. Don't think about it. Just buy it. You'll thank me.

X/ is what it is. To me that's when it started getting kind of iffy and self gratifying. I haven't played much of 12 so I'm looking forward to it. 13...well you've heard my thoughts on 13....and the world's. And 15....I mean is it even an RPG anymore? It's an action combat game with a skill tree. Also weirdly self gratifying. The PS1 games though....they're broken, flawed, overrated, yet....fantastic in their own way. And much as I know XIII is terrible, I find myself thinking randomly about it over the decade more than any other game that pops into my head. Not sure why, but it does have a certain quality to it.

It's weird. I know the series is technically terrible more times than not...and yet, I can't help but love it near the top of my gaming list. There's a weird pull to it .



One of you 2 are gonna fill an entire page sooner or later.

It's dangerous to go alone! Stay at home.


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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Dezzy Well, my money is on NEStalgia, in that case...

@Yosheel Nah, wouldn't want to be burdened by that kind of pressure...

@NEStalgia I personally never felt that pull from these games, but of course tastes differ, and each person should play what they like.

By the way: concerning the whole Xcloud thing and Xbox going full digital and/or streaming only,
I think it's good to watch this recap of what exactly Phil Spencer has said about that at X018, especially about the future of streaming games:

I think that basically says enough concerning their plans and focus. Unless of course you're going to wave that all away again because it's all just temporary marketing blurb, and Phil saying stuff that he doesn't really mean anyway...

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@Yosheel Writers die penniless, I'm afraid

@ThanosReXXX Oh, I know it's going to be a secondary focus (for now), that much was obvious. But I still expected they'd cover it at the event. It's surprising they didn't.



Well yes that's cool and all, but these being Black Friday deals there doesn't necesarily mean they will be Buen Fin deals here.

One can hope though.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Yosheel Ah, okay. I figured the deals would be more or less the same over there. You could of course always buy from an American shop, to still get that discount. Although personally, I always buy my consoles in a physical shop, so I can understand if you wouldn't want to do that.

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@NEStalgia Yeah I can understand your frustration with the versions, nothing tends to turn me off a game faster than all of the different pre-order/version nonsense. I’ll admit I hadn’t realised quite how bad it was until you said, but then I thought IO were completely independent now, unaware they’d jumped from the frying pan to the fire - I mean WB of all publishers?!

Just been reading the legacy pack faq and I think I’m safe and should be able to get it for free; I cannot believe though that there are two different legacy packs on top of the silver/gold/standard base game editions, it’s just beyond ridiculous? The fact I’ve read that page and am only 90% sure I qualify shows how convoluted it is - so much so I’m skipping it. I wasn’t sure I’d get the time to play it and was thinking of buying now to support IO but now I know that they’re involved WB can jog on, every game they bring out has this ‘greedy stench’ around it I just won’t support.

Not sure how much of the episodic farce was down to IO as opposed to Square though, as I recall, when they went independent one of the first things they said was that they were ditching the episodic approach?

I don’t generally buy a lot of launch AAA games outside of Nintendo (and specials such as RDR2), at least not at full price so it’s not something I come across that often. I have started to think of $140AU as the new rrp ($100 previously, think our $100 is equivalent to your $60 etc) which lessens the blow somewhat, but for that I expect an amazing & complete game with no stupid loot box/MT’s forced down my throat - sadly this doesn’t seem to fall into that category so it’ll (sadly) have to wait.

Very interested in your continued thoughts on FF13 vs 10 vs 7 btw; 10 has always been a bit of a mystery to me as so many people hold it in such high regard yet I have always found it decidedly average, much preferring the oft-derided 12 (which was always contentious). I’d also say I prefer the lore/story of 13 to 10 too, just not the corridor like execution...?

I’m always torn on ‘best’ and usually share the award between 9 & 6, but admittedly 7 will always hold that special place despite some of it’s less-stellar moments! We can disagree on 8 though, I’m one of those strange people that still loves it! It may not quite hit the heights of 9 and the draw system was just terrible, but there’s a lot in there I still like (including Squall!).

@ThanosReXXX - yep, I’d say you’re covered in the Hitman department for a while! Be interested to see what you think of Blood Money (assuming that’s one of the ones you have). It stands out in my mind as the best of the series, however I don’t think any of them have ever been ‘perfect’ controls and systems wise so will be curious to see how it’s aged?

The most recent reboot I (like NES’) really enjoyed so think you should have a lot of fun with that one. Considering what the game actually has you doing I find the whole experience so nice and relaxed - there’s a certain zen to the whole methodical approach. Until of course you ‘do a mess’ and you go into firefighting mode

On the subject of ‘owing replies’ I know I’m overdue one to you for a message that at current estimate is about 25 pages back? Not sure if you and the others saw my apology in the ‘chit-chat’ thread, I ‘@‘d you all but in an edit so not sure if it retro-actively sends notifications - it explained where I disappeared to in any case, my time here a bit restricted atm due to ‘furry arrivals’!

Thank you for the welcome and you brought up some memories with the mention of ‘Rise of the Argonauts’ - I LOVED that game and still have the disc here somewhere! I also played the heck out of Warriors of Troy, but not sure I can fully recommend that in the same way - I’m quite the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors fan in general so think that shielded me from some of the games issues! I can’t see it happening but if RotA becomes backwards compat then I can foresee another play through for sure!

I don’t plug the 360 in very often now sadly, as it’s a European machine and have never bothered grabbing an AU cable (the One/PS4 had launched and wondered if i’d ever go back - quite rightly it seems!).



For some reason it seems FH4 Ultimate Edition isn't discounted for Gold Members, only Game Pass Members so the cheapest way to get all the FH4 content is FH4 Standard Edition + FH4 Ultimate Add-Ons.

EDIT: It's fixed now, cheapest way is Ultimate Edition.

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@ThanosReXXX lol thanks for the reply. That still wasn’t what I was arguing though. Lol. My complaint was that the cannon female protagonist (NES’s argument is that other material doesn’t matter but considering that Ubisoft considers this material to be part of the overall universe and they often reference it in later mainline games, I disagree. And Kassandra is the Eagle Bearer in the book.) was being sidelined in marketing and the game structure altered (destroying lore and the linear narrative of the series to pull the “live your truth bs”) to accommodate Ubisoft’s unwillingness to put a sole female protagonist in a flagship/mainline AC.

Not that the game had to have a female protagonist. Just like I wasn’t arguing historical accuracy. ( that being said historical accuracy is relative. After all popular history is written with the slant of those in power. There are several documented female warriors and societies. But it is hard to glean that information when men only talk about themselves) My argument was centered fully around the AC series, its lore and how Ubisoft markets it.

I am a female gamer; the majority of the games I play put men front and center. I am aware of that and it is...often annoying or boring but I get it. What I don’t get is when game companies make a pretzel of themselves to seem inclusive of female gamers and they do so in such a half baked way that you know they wouldn’t do for a male character. Shoving a player character mechanic into a game world that is built on a linear narrative that is tailored to each headline Assassin and the modern assassin following them weakens the story. So for this one they actually made Layla the modern Assassin more stable because her story doesn’t change while you might be dealing with male assassin or wait maybe female assassin oh and they may have done different things. The game is based on looking at history. In that game world the history you visited happened. So unless someone has a time machine it make no sense to branch out into a choose your own adventure. Again thank you for the reply I only responded in detail because you still missed my point I think. It is what it is. As I told NES they broke the gameplay enough that this is my last AC anyway. Lol.

So again my complaint is not all protags should be female. (Having more would make sense in general as we are a little over half the population give or take but that is another argument and one I wasn’t making) my issue is don’t break the game being fake progressive. Tomb raider doesn’t have a Larry Croft option to appease incels. If this linear game was written with a man in mind have it star a man. It it was written with a woman in mind have it star a woman.

Also AC features a number of female assassins, most that acted within the constraints of their time period. Which again is why I am saying gender selection doesn’t work for the series. I don’t want to play a male assassin with a female skin. I want to play a female assassin if the game stars one. I would rather spend half the game watching myself and the main character roll her eyes at male ego and cruelty than her magically be one of the guys. That is the worst thing ever to do to a woman.

Also thanks for the paypal heads up. I did get crackdown.

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Holy heck. Went to play fallout 76 on launch day.... Purchasing and content usage is down again. Sixth time in a month and a half. Xbl has become horrible somehow.



@NEStalgia It'll be rather ironic if XBL goes down on Smash launch while Nintendo services are fine


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@BrainOfGrimlock I've got Absolution and Blood Money on the Xbox 360, and Hitman 2: Prologue on the Xbox One. I do like Blood Money, but I haven't played that much, so I'm not really qualified to judge which is the best. The last Hitman I played before the ones mentioned here, was the GameCube version...

As for your reply in the chit-chat thread: if you edited some names in after making the original comment, then nobody gets notified. That only happens with every new comment that someone is mentioned in, so only the first time you post it. But no worries, I always expect people to answer or mention something in their own time, and you did. No pressure, this is just a hobby, not an obligation.

As for Rise of the Argonauts: my Xbox 360 is still very much attached to my TV, so no issue for me. But I do hope that it will be added to the back compat list some day, because it's kind of a hidden gem that more people should get to know, and especially those that have an interest in Greek mythology.

@Ryu_Niiyama Well, goes to show me that I shouldn't have stepped in after all. My bad...
But we do seem to agree on it not being good to copy/paste a female character into a game that doesn't support that character by adding subsequent and appropriate changes to account for that gender swap, so essentially, your still just playing a man's story, except the character only looks like a female.

That is what I meant with putting one in for the sake of it, and it sometimes not being historically correct and/or appropriate, so that is how I wandered into the whole historically correct part of my comment.

Anyway, I get it now, so far as I'm concerned, we're done with this subject. Better get this thread going with something else...

As for PayPal and Crackdown: you're welcome. I found out right after I brought it to your attention, that there actually was no hurry behind it, because the game will be available to download for free for the rest of the month. I just thought that it was tied to the event, and as such only available for a limited time. Guess I was wrong...

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Fallout 76 interests me... but I've already got one not-quite-MMO open world game that I sometimes have a hard time getting into because I have nobody I know playing it.

Then again, 76 is probably scaled to ensure solo play isn't as slow. It helps that you don't have to sail anywhere.


Whenever Microsoft stops yanking the carrot away, I'd like to hear your impression of it.


FF XIII file size explained!

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Uhhhhhhh... FF XIII Trilogy is already on sale?!

Well this is awkward... not for me, because I haven't bought any, but for others.

"Sometimes, I just don't understand human behavior" - C-3P0


@BrainOfGrimlock Yeah, I, too, was hyped for Hitman 2 until I saw that release model..... I mean you get, what, 6 scenarios in the box and the other 4+ are sold separately? With Hitman 1, when Square launched it originally as this ever evolving online service thing. The E3 reveal was awesome. It would have these live event hits and such, it was cool. And then it simply became episodes. And then instead of episodes IO split and it became "season 1 pack". And then there was no season 2. And then we get "GoTY Edition". But I forgave them, I knew they had a publishing mess and went alone. Messing up Hitman 2 is unforgivable. Put the whole game in the box and move on. I'm fine with ONE version of legacy, that's cool. TWO? Lets face it, we know in a year there will be a complete edition for $40. I woudln't doubt there's a 25%+ sale on DwG by February for the current release. I smell a SoTTR situation. Either this or Darksiders, but I may buy that up front anyway with the 10% off pre-order sale. I've seen mixed previews of it....criticism of it being a 16 hour game. Yet it's apparently a mix of Darksiders 1 and Dark Souls which seems too cool to ignore.

FF: I agree, X, today, gets a lot of praise but in its own day I remember it was as ridiculed as XIII is. It didn't really go down well at the time outside of its amazing graphics for the era. XIII just doubled down on the linearity of X mostly. OTOH I gave XIII-2 a spin yesterday. I'm not worried about spoilers since I played most of XIII years ago, and had to read the wiki to figure out what the story actually was, and even then it still made no sense. I have to admit, XIII-2 so far seems like a pretty good game. I was amazed when it opened me with 3 dimensions of navigation and NPCs to talk to! And then I start walking and I find...branching paths! 1-way drop offs! A MAP! random encounters! (I actually don't like random encounters, but XIII made it painfully obvious how important they are to the FF formula.) It starts you with paradigm shifts at the start, and you can't just "mash a to win". I actually died in my first random encounter to a full on tanky enemy. It has dialog options! Sure they're just QTE formula responses, but it feels interactive. Overall it feels much more like an FF game. Maybe not towns, stories, adventures like traditional games, but the gameplay picks up that "FF gameplay loop' a lot better than "walk in narrow, confined, poker straight roads with safety rails, toward the mob always in front of you." I'll check out Lightening Returns today.

I do like X, but I don't love it. It's still "off" to me. 9 is far and away my favorite, 7 is almost as flawed as XIII but comes across better due to character moments, and the great Materia battle system. 8 would have done better if it didn't follow the whole "school" anime trope. Though it just occurred to me how much XV is like VII.

@Ryu_Niiyama I still say outside media (books/anime) etc isn't "canon". "Ubisoft considers it canon" is kind of a red herring. Ubisoft took licensing money for it. A scenario writer no doubt signed off on it. But that kind of stuff is done far in advance of the actual game being finished and changes in production to the direction the game takes. They intend to make that kind of thing canon maybe (or certain people do), but ultimately they're still changing the canon until the disc goes gold. Heck, speaking of XIII, Fang and Vanille were supposed to be the protagonists, not Lightening, and Fang was supposed to be a male with the focus (pun not intended) instead of Snow. Somehow we went from that to Strong & Silent Ligtening, Snow(boarder), and Vanille was reduced to a lolli.)

@Grumblevolcano I seriously wouldn't doubt it!



@DarthNocturnal I'll keep the fallout part separate from the prior post post. But...ugh, FFXIII goes on sale 3 days after release....when I bought it? I can't catch a break....

Fallout 76....OMG what did I buy? XBL came back up and I got some time in with it. But....I almost wish it hadn't. The good part is I can say I'm so glad I'm playing it on the X. It plays pretty smooth, no real complaints about performance. I hear on the PS side it runs unforgivably, as in "this needs a refund" kind of bad. I wouldn't bother on an OG X1 from what I'm hearing. But on the X it plays smooth.

But....what is this game? It's not Fallout. It just isn't. It's some bizarre survival apocalypse game. Fallout isn't about survival, it's about the dysfunctional civilization that emerges from the vaults amidst the government experiments. This....this is an apocalyptic survival game that has more in common with Metro or Dying Light than Fallout. No...I take that back. Those games have people. This does not. Walking Dead? No...people there too. It's like an RPG in debug mode without the questing in place.

To it's credit, theres a cool foundation. It's almost zen. Just this kind of quiet empty place. But where Fallout arms you at the start, this does not. I kept hearing other people interacting with stuff in the fault, but couldn't see them. When I got into the world, I turn right and get shot at by robots. I decide to just jump down the rough terrain instead. I make my way to the campsite. There are already 2 other people (players) there crafting. We all awkwardly ignore each other. I realize it's getting dark...well, no use heading down the road to town in the dark. I'll just nap. Then I'm told ground mattresses could be diseased and harm you. I realize that I can't forward time to daytime, so I can either wait around through night, or do things in the dark. I do the latter and go to town. I can see nothing as a pack of wild dogs attack me. Then a robot is shooting lasers at me, and I'm sure my machete I crafted at the camp won't work well. So I run and run to town. As I read the terminal, and other things I realize that the exposition from holotapes and terminals goes on....and on...and on...and on. These are narratives that keep going while you're doing other you miss it. And that's your only story in the game. And it's all depressing. Questing feels very MMO (go hear and press this, now go back and press that, now go here and pick up the item that just magically gets used when you stand over there.)

But then there's the food. RDR2 went overboard on the "eat to raise your health core, and drink to raise your stamina core, and do stuff to raise your horse core" (I'm sorry, horse core should not be a word in my vocabulary.) Fallout takes that and makes certain to make it as not fun as it can be. I'm told food goes bad if you don't eat it soon. And water needs to be boiled. And you need to keep drinking to stay hydrated. And eat to stay full. It warns you when you get parched that bad things will happen if you don't drink. But the more you eat and drink the more radiation you take on so the more rad-X or rad-Away you need. And all of this is rare-ish. Too many "gather this and gather that to craft those, to use them, but then you need that" bar management. It's not fun, it's annoying busy work. Everything in the game is crafted at a dozen tables but you can't carry much. And there's no other characters ever.

Meanwhile while I'm doing that in the church in town, I hear gunfire outside...other players....people run through the room, then back out...we all ignore each other awkwardly "maybe if I open my PipBoy they'll ignore me." It's like The Division but without the fun gameplay.

Then while I'm at the terminal, suddenly zombies! (A mutant blasts through the door. The corpse moves on its own a few times after I kill it.) While I'm doing quests a feral ghoul police officer attacks....goes down easy....somehow he's carrying only a pencil to loot. FINALLY night time ends. But I need water....which means heading to a cooking area, to boil water, to consume it...which means collecting more dirty water somewhere.......

It's a time management game at best? There's barely an RPG here. To be fair, I imagine it gets better once you get out of those early areas, but the trouble is the early areas are so unfun I don't feel motivated to find out. As it stands, TES:O seems more appealing even if I hate its online structure more. At least quests feel like quests, and there are NPCs and dialogs. And at least something in the world rather than running around in map editor mode.

For now, I got bored and went back to playing FFXIII. Of all indictments one can levy against a game: "I'd rather be playing Final Fantasy XIII" has got to be the most alarm raising response in the gaming business. They NEED to add something big to this game, for free. They made a sandbox and forgot to add the game.



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