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I came across this fact the other day now im wondering if the elite 360 is actually better than the ps3 on many fronts now. Before ps3 had blu ray and graphics over it and style. But now ive found out the 360 does 1080p as well. Add this to the more exclusives of a 360 and apparently "larger audience that plays it", and the 360 looks much more on par with the ps3 than i thought yesterday and days before that. I still think i will buy a ps3 tho just cuz of the no red ring issue (which i kno is declining) and becuz of the blu ray. What r ur guys thots between these two titan consoles? is one under or overrated? are they both even, whats the dealio?

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If more people played the PS3 it would be better. More people are buying PS3's now so it will be a better experience before long. The online experience with the 360 is better at this point. I have both consoles, I use the 360 more, but only because that's where my friends are. Only 1 of my friends out of about 10 so far has a PS3.

PS3 = Better console, IMO. Not under rated, just overlooked.
360 = Better online/larger community

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In my experience the 360 has prblems with tearing when it runs in 1080p. Maybe because the system was developed for 720p?

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you know its not true 1080p its just 720p being upscaled. The 360 can do it but as of now it's just being upscaled by the developer, same for the PS3 version. The only game close to full 1080p is Uncharted 2.

I'm not sure but i think your screen size matter thiugh i run mass efect in 1080p on my 16" HDTV and i can't tell the diffrence between the two; However when i use my uncle's 80" the diffrence is shown.


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The Xbox 360 hardware is better (ie more powerful, specially the GPU), has more memory and more internal bandwidth... no surprise is the better performer of the two...

the first batch of Xbox 360 came with only analog cables (no HDMI port), so they were capped at 1080i resolution (that has no visible difference on most content), and since Microsoft's specifications forced developers to have at least 720p resolution, most games run at that res... then, around the launch of the PS3, they introduced HDMI-enabled models, and a Dashboard update enabling 1080p through HDMI and higher, non-standard resolutions with the VGA cable.

With a 3-year warranty against RROD and E74 problems on the Xbox 360, that's not an issue anymore... I've been hearing of more and more Yellow light of death and dead BD diodes as of late to be honest, and my Sony HDMI cable (that came free with my PS3) just crapped out (thankfully it was the cable, I initially thought it was the PS3's GPU), so really, both have hardware issues, and are about as common as of late, so don't take a decision on that matter...

If you have a Windows-based PC, and/or a Zune (or Zune HD) it will only enhance your experience with them... Xbox 360 works as a Media Center Extender for on-demand up to 1080p video streaming as well as audio and pictures from your PC, and with a TV Tuner Card on your PC, you can use the 360 as a TIVO box! (XP Media Center Edition, Vista Home Premium, Vista Enterprise, Vista Ultimate, 7 Home Premium, 7 Professional, 7 Enterprise and 7 Ultimate supported) as well as media sharing with those and other versions of Windows

PD: yes, Screen size does matter... I can't see any difference between 1600x900 and 1920x1080 on my 19" LCD monitor, but when I take my PC and connect it to my 42" LCD @ 1080p, the difference is noticeable

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