Topic: Wouldn't it be great if the next star fox played like Descent?

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I'm starting to see the potential that Star Fox and Descent have something in common. I'd be really excited if Nintendo made a new Star Fox game with the game mechanics of Descent.

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I liked Descent but it's not Star Fox......

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The controls would be too complicated for Nintendo fans to handle.

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If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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Wouldn't it be great if Nintendo fans would stop wishing for a new Star Fox game?

Yeah, it really would.

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

Wouldn't it be great if Nintendo fans would stop wishing for a new Star Fox game?

Yeah, it really would.

I could not possibly agree more.
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No. I like Descent, but I'd rather they just make another Descent rather than shoehorn in Descent aspects into Star Fox...

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I think it would be quite good actually. (Anything that involves actually learning mechanics is fine by me.)

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