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I bought the PC version recently in the "Pay what you want" offer, and I can't connect it to the internet in the "World Of Goo Corporation" area, even though the internet is working. Can anyone help with this?


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Standard issue "check the firewall" response goes here. And the World Of Goo Corporation leaderboard takes quite a while to load up when you get rid of the "We can't get a connection" message. Play with it for about ten minutes (once you've checked the firewall), and restart the game and see if that gets rid of it.

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Ok, I'll try that


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Still not working. I set the firewall to allow WOG access but it still says it can't connect (I'm using Norton BTW)

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This is kinda off topic but I really don't even see what's fun about the "World of Goo Corporation" area. Isn't it kinda pointless?

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I have the same problem.


my friend just bought it, as well, and he hasn't mentioned that problem, but he says the game crashes his system after the second level. and he downloaded it twice just to make sure. and he's got a nice Alienware computer, so i don't thik that's the problem. any suggestions anybody?

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Same problem. Maybe they no longer support this? Their leaderboard hasn't been working in forever, so it wouldn't surprise me. Really, it's not such a big deal to have the Internet connection for this though.

Personally, I think this area is the best part of the game, because the levels are kind of quick, but it's fun to spend a good couple hours making a really nice tower.

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Same here, I shall try turning off the firewall and report back if it works.

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I have the same problem, but I didn't really care cause I've got to beat the game first. Yes, I made an exception for World of Goo in the firewall.

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To begin with, I put it down to their servers being busy during the big giveaway, But I too have been unable to connect at all.

What does this online feature involve? - The in game text suggests you can see the towers of other high score leaders in the 'distance', but is it just a high score table?

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