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Today is the 1 year anniversary of World of Goo's release, and 2dboy is offering a birthday sale of "Name your own price". The game is normally $20 but you can get it for as low as $0.01, depending on how generous you feel.
This will get you the Windows, Mac and Linux downloadable versions
The sale goes on until October 19th.

Gift of Goo! To give a digital copy of World of Goo to someone else, just order the game as usual, with the "buy now" button. The confirmation mail will contain a link where you can customize a download page with a recipient's name, and a message from you!

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These guys (and indies in general) are just amazing. They put the rest of the industry to shame.
(Yes, Activision, with your inflated COD6 prices, I'm looking at you..!!!)

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I might pay $5 for it. (I know it's worth more, but I'm cheap)

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does this count 4 wiiware?
if not, it should!

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Doubt if it counts for WiiWare, or for the other digi-distribution channels (e.g. Steam), as they'd lose their slice of the moneys. And we all know Nintendo likes it moneys. It looks like it's from the main 2D Boy site only, which means only they take the hit in the pocket.

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Since it's also my birthday, I think I have the right to buy it for $.01



3, 2, 1.... Bought.

I've been holding out from buying the game for ages, waiting to find it cheap on the PC. This is far too good a deal


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The quality and production values of Goo still astound me, I'm glad it sold as well as it did on Wii and Steam, it deserved to. OCD is a nightmare though, it will actually give me OCD if I'm not careful, aaaah!



Awsome job guys... good way to say a big Screw You to the big companies that jack up the prices..... I love it.

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