Topic: Will Pixel Art Nintendo games still exist?

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Einherjar wrote:

Sprite / Pixelart has one major downpoint since the HD generation: It is WAY to much work to do. To look good on an HD console, Sprites need to be extremely big and detailed with a ridiculous amount of frames per animation.
Try to find a Sprite sheet from a BlazBlue game and youll know what i mean. And i fear that most developers wont take on that challenge to make a great looking sprite game anymore.
Since graphics are becoming the one and only selling point of games these days, many fear that a 2D artstyle would instantly disqualify them for not being "the future in high polygon, multi shader, dynamic lighting, tesselation, reallife physics skeleton 3D game model gaming...and stuff"

The only 2D artstyle that seems to be a safe haven is this so called, faux "retro / 8bit style" since everybody and their mother is using it (especially in the indie scene). Its cheap, easy to make and rides on the wave of nostalgia even though most of the consumer AND developers have absolutely no clue what 8bit really meant for graphics (pallete restrictions, sprites / enteties per horizontal line etc)

Outside of ArcSystem Works fighting games, i dont think that we will see a major 2D sprite based game anytime soon. And even if so, i bet that most of them will go the Donkey Kong COuntry road of pre rendered models cut into sprites.

What about games like Dream team that still use pixel art? I think the reason why I love pixel art is the animation is expressed more than in 3D models. Compare 3D Bowser and the pixel art one and you'll notice that Bowser is able to express more than in the 3D one.

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