Topic: Why people aren't respecting Nintendo?

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I always have a chuckle when people say Nintendo makes "kiddie" games, titles like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze are downright ruthless in their late level difficulty, also I find Nintendo games on average tend to have much higher replay value than those of their competitors, which is why I usually don't mind paying full retail for a Nintendo game since I can be confident it will be a game I'll want to play for years to come.

As for the whole casual/hardcore aspect of modern gaming I find the older I get the less interested I am in the types of games typically considered "hardcore" (I hate using that word, kids today don't know what a truly hardcore game is, let's see them beat the original Ninja Gaiden trilogy without a Game Genie). When I was younger I used to sit plastered to the television playing video games for hours, now when I play a game I usually only play for maybe an hour tops before I get bored and go do something else, because of this I tend to prefer so called "casual" games which offer gameplay that is more bite sized and suitable for long term enjoyment rather than a large up front time investment to complete then little reason to go back and play again after.

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