Topic: Why is the 3DS considered better than the PSvita?

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So, why does everyone say the 3ds is better than the Vita? I doubt many who say that have ever played a vita in their life. They've just read reviews online, but the experience is different for anyone....

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Have they made a grand theft auto for the vita yet?

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The vita is better from a technical point of view, the 3DS just sells more beause because.

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Well, i'm thinking about getting a having wifi a major part of the vita experience...(I don't have wifi at home)

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Big_Boy_Chubs wrote:

Well, i'm thinking about getting a having wifi a major part of the vita experience...(I don't have wifi at home)

If that means you won't be able to download games, then not having Wi-Fi would be very, very bad. Almost no retail releases come to the machine, and it looks like it will be getting worse in the future. Buying indie games, PSP games, and PS1 games is a very large part of what makes the Vita worth buying. Without those factors, you have a very tiny lineup of games.

That's why the 3DS is usually considered better. Because it has more games specific to the system. Most of the games that make the Vita wonderful are also on the PS3 and PSP, with the indie, PSP and PS1 stuff.

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I happen to own a Vita and 3DS. The Vita is a far better system, and it's immediately apparent just by looking at it. It is more comfortable, faster, better graphics, pretty much better everything. The only reason the 3DS is a better system is because it actually has games. I love my Vita, but I don't have many games for it, some standouts are Uncharted: GA, Gravity Rush, and Zero Escape, (but that is on 3DS too). There really isn't much to play on it, I do use it everyday for Youtube and stuff, but that's about it. There is more coming, but not for a while. The Vita is kind of stuck. No one develops for it because no one buys them, but no one buys them because no one develops for it. It would be wise to wait until more comes for it. Unless you don't really care about AAA games. Yes Wifi is huge, at least for me

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Because people have differing opinions. While the Vita has superior specs, the 3DS has more games that I would play. This makes me consider the 3DS better than the Vita.

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I was going to type a long post explaining the exact areas PS Vita falls short in detail in comparison to the 3DS, but it's better to just go with how each system is designed and how that reflects sales, which determines the install base in the long run.


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Because Sony copies Nintendo at every given opportunity and we all know what happens when u go to the copy machine and make a copy off the original. Comes across looking a little not as polished or pristine. (The Michael Keaton clones from that movie Multiplicity come to mind.)

Or maybe its cuz of MH3U or ACNL or EOIV or SMT IV or OMG I'm out of characters to name all the superior 3DS titles. D:

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the 3ds is better because on the bus or in a car when you stop on the 3ds all u have to do is close(or put it in sleep mode for 2ds) the 3ds and it will pause and you can put it in your pocket but if you pause a vita then put it in your pocket you can press some thing to resume and thats bad if your in the middle in a "hard core game".(pluss this is me but i rather play god of war and things like that on a t.v)

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Because Sony is terrible at marketing handhelds or giving it games that people care about, barring ports and is now being turned into a competitor for Wii U's controller. Not the Wii U itself, the controller.

I'm not one to rate a system I don't own so it might be awesome but it's past the first year and few people care while 3DS is, barring the PS3, the only gaming system people seem to enjoy anymore.

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While the PS Vita may have more mindful design decisions and be more powerful than the 3DS, the 3DS simply has a wider breadth of games. Games triumph system features 9 times out of 10. The PS Vita has a decent handful of very good exclusives, but nowhere near the amount of quality exclusives that the 3DS has.

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