Topic: Why is Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories so difficult!? Oh,and I need help!

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I have played hard games before (looks at Mega Man) but Re:CoM is possibly one of hardest games I have ever played. This is coming from a Kingdom Hearts fan who has completd Kingdom Hearts I and II. I have plyed Re:CoM on standard difficulty. So,I was doing pretty good on the game UNTIL I got to the first battle with Vexen.
This boss is a pain in the you-know-what!!! Why is he so dang HARD!? For now,I'm going to level up to level 45 (I'm at level 39) when I get home tomorrow. In the meantime,will someone please give me some advice on how to beat Vexen!? Because I want to beat this game before 358/2 Days comes out if I can.

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I can't give you much advice on bosses. Sora's quest in RE:COM is very difficult on any difficulty, particularily the bosses. Have no fear though, because Riku's quest (unlocked afterwards) is much shorter and easier.

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