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I really enjoy this program and the fact that you can create music playlists for free but I'm not too happy that you can only find your friends playlists if you have them added as a friend on facebook. Why does it have to be linked to facebook? Urgh. So I have to add everyone to facebook. Then I can find their playlist. What a pain.

Overall if you haven't used this program yet give it a shot! Its free and amazing!

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naaah i got pandora thx tho

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Yep, it's flipping awesome.

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Used to but I moved over to Xbox Music


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Yep. Every day. I have premium. Dunno how I lived without it.

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Nope. I prefer having permanent access to my music (even if that just means on my iPod and computer) than binge-listening to whatever catches my attention, but usually the sites/blogs I frequent (Gorillavsbear and a few others, Pitchfork especially since it launched pre-album release streams for a lot of records I'm interested in via Advance) give me enough new music to listen through per day, and all for free. I also read this article, and it really soured me to the idea of pay-for-streaming even more than it already did. (FYI: The dude who wrote the article and one of his bands, Galaxie 500, are actually fairly well-known in the indie world, so feel free to imagine what the numbers are for much smaller bands). Plus since I don't have a job, I really can't afford it.

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