Topic: What's your biggest gaming regret?

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1) Agreeing with all of you on NSMB 2
2) Just barely realizing it now that you guys pointed out how terrible it was.
3) Buying the DLC for it.

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Biggest regret? Getting rid of my old gaming systems: My Intellivision (and all the games which were in very good condition), My Atari 7800 (and a whole stack of 2600 games--including ET!), My NES, and my Atari Lynx...

But, at least I kept my SNES, and all the games I had. And they are still in near mint condition ...except for the yellowing of the SNES. It's a time capsule now, though.



I bought way too many of the 3DS launch titles and mediocre releases from within its first year. (I own Shinobi and Crush3D) I bought them too quickly and didn't get to spend much time with them as a result. They weren't even that great either, I think I own more than half of the launch titles.
I regret selling Metroid Prime Trilogy before I even finished it. And not playing Xenoblade sooner. I own it, but I still need to get around to it.

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I didn't think NSMB2 was bad. It was a solid Mario platformer, and I enjoyed the StreetPass Coin Rush feature. Slap retro skins on that and tell people "Look, we've unearthed a bunch of Mario 3 levels that were never released" and a lot of people would think the levels were fantastic.

If buying NSMB2 is your biggest gaming regret, consider yourself lucky.

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faint wrote:

Biggest gaming regret? Not buying xenoblade while it was in print.



Not donating to the Oliver Twins' Dizzy Kickstarter last year. I stupidly thought, "enough people love the original Egg Man. Surely, I can pay them in buying the game itself."

Evidently not....FOREVER.



Not knowing my friend's uncle gamesharked his copy of Pokemon Red. I went so many years thinking I could challenge all the trainers again if I collected all 150 Pokemon...

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Buying Monster Hunter Tri.

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Definitely has to be getting rid of the Gamecube even though I have a wii, because my friend's wii broke and I would give him mine in a heart beat if I had my Gamecube. I have the Wii U so I only use the Wii to play Gamecube!

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Not getting the Fire Emblem Awakening Artbook (that was the pre-order reward, right?).

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Not buying two or three copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy. I never want to sell mine, and if I had two extra sealed copies I could sell them for a fortune on eBay. Same goes for the Skyward Sword bundle, should've bought two . . .



Buying an Xbox 360, then buying an Xbox 360 when it broke, then buying an Xbox 360 when that broke.
Microsoft only replaced the first one free.



Kinsale wrote:

Not getting the Fire Emblem Awakening Artbook (that was the pre-order reward, right?).

Yes, it was. And it's not that great, trust me.



Chrono_Crossing wrote:

I thought NSMB2 was bad.

That's not surprising. Judging by the majority of your posts I've seen on here, you're a troll.



Not buying Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn when it was still in the stores. Can't get it anywhere new now...

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Letting my parents sell our playstation with the first three crash games and spyro games for only 10 dollars. 10 freaking dollars!! Granted, I did get a gamecube out of that deal (well worth it), but those games were my childhood. Oh well, recently got a ps1 and spyro 2

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trying to send my first shiny pokemon from emerald to XD so in the case of emerald corrupting I wouldn't lose it. just to make emerald corrupt before completing the trade....
yeaht his one's a pretty weak regret I normally regret nothing in videogames, like my worst purchase ever(pokemon dash) years later I traded it with my cousin for the Resident Evil Revelations he had but couldn't play(he's only 9 years old and my whole family take the age ratings seriously)

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