Topic: whats so great about COD?

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People who have awesome gigantic brains think that its the best game in the world. Talk about it all day, say they blew someone up with a massive gun, go home and enjoy their bought-and-paid-for bandwidth playing online only to get owned by some lousy camper who probs is fit, lives in a paid-for mansion eating the finest meals prepared by his own personal chef.

However, I know them all personally and I visit them often, and so I know for a fact that they all haven't heard of the word RPG, or Platformer.
in case you didn't realize it, the generalizations were grossly unflattering and absolutely unnecessary. watch it. -- TBD

lighten up TBD it was funny

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Its just a fun game.....yes theres problems but overall the game is decent and fun.

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@Kid_A: it's funny now because i edited it from what it was before. That's not what he originally posted; i just wanted to make sure he knew exactly why it had been changed. :3

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It's fun. Well, the last two were fun. Great weapons, balanced multiplayer, epic singleplayer, rewarding extra modes that could've been there own games and still would've been worth every penny. Really, World At War and Modern Warfare 2 are the best in their class, IMO.

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The single player is unfortently not that long,but it's good.
The multiplayer is fast,easy to learn and very addicting.

Also,people who says those who play CoD only cares about violence,blood and graphics aren't that much smarter than those who play CoD .Seriously,I'm getting really tired of hearing that.

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Simply because it just kicks "Donkey" . Its fast pace and intense multi-player battles rival the best out there and is EONS ahead of any multi-player experience on the WII.

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