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longtimegamer wrote:

@Randomwiiplayer: You mean bad bad? or good bad? Like "That's a bad **s car!"

No, I mean like "NO! Not on the carpet! Bad dog!"

The Game.

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If I could only pick one, I'd take my DS any day.

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ReZon wrote:

If I could only pick one, I'd take my DS any day.

Technically, I've invested more in my Wii. But I have a DS Lite and DSi. I'LL NEVER LEAVE ANY OF THEM!!!


DS, I have played it more and have found memories of the thing (or at least the 3 I had )

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I chose both because these consoles are great for me.



I don't feel it's right to compare a handheld to a console...but if you're just asking which ones I like more, it would be the DS, no contest.

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The DS is completely superior, it probably has more great games than the Wii has crappy ones.


Sooo hard to pick, But im gonna go Wii, Brawl , Pro Evo, Mazza Kart, Cube backwards compatabilty, VC etc FTW .

However Tetris, Puzzle League DS, Scribblenaughts, Mario Kart DS and the fact I can play with others (like my brorther) on some of the best games ever with one cartridge (as long long as they have a ds of course) are all games/things that I think are fantastic.

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Well, I say it depends on whether you like to sit on your lazy butt on the couch, (I'm not calling you guys lazy) or you want you and seven other people to have their eyes hurting from having a bright screen at the 5 setting for 8 hours straight. Me.... I'd rather go with a DS.

I'm not critisizing Nintendo, though!

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RandomWiiPlayer wrote:

The DS is bad.

How dare you! My DSi is THE best thing that has ever happened to ME!

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I would take the DS and a few "average" games over a Wii with five "great" games any day. The Wii had me excited and as much as I wanted to love it, I just...couldn't. I don't know why, but the only game I can consider great (in my own opinion, of course) would be Super Smash Brother Brawl. I feel like a wasted money on Galaxy, Zack and Wiki (well, not really it was $8 ), Mario Kart, Twilight Princess...the list goes on, which saddens me. I clung to the Gamecube for nonstop hours (which many people hated a few years ago) in comparison to the Wii, that usually tuckers me out after one or two hours. Since September I've sold about 15 Wii games to get an Xbox 360 Pro plus seven games and now I feel satisfied in the home-console department. The fact that I still play plenty of DS when I have a 360 in the house speaks volumes.

This isn't console wars though so I'll shut my trap and end on the notion that the DS is brilliant (or basically DS>360=Gamecube>Wii in my opinion).



i have always been a handheld gamer so i love my ds its always with me when i go anywhere but with the vc i love my wii but i guess it be a close match but my ds will barely win

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Well I love my DS phat,loads of quality games + all the great GBA games,but............for the VC alone I'd have to say the Wii.It's like a console you could only dream about when I was Kid.The fact I can play all these great games from lots of different systems and Gamecube games makes it the winner for me. If we were talking about current generation games only then it would be the DS,no question. The Wii has left me seriously underwhelmed in that department (whish is why I bought a 360).

What's this bit for again?


apples and oranges. wii and ds serve completely different purposes.

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newlykate wrote:

apples and oranges. wii and ds serve completely different purposes.

But....don't apples and oranges serve the same purpose?

What's this bit for again?


Ds - you can carry it and play EVERYWHERE



Time to state the obvious-

The Wii is better if you are at home sat in front of a TV

The DS is better for if you do not have access to a TV, if you are travelling or sat on the bog for example.


Hard to say. While the DS allows on-the-go gameplay and a touch screen, the Wii is very complex, and it is built more for family and home gamers. Myself, i am an addict to my DSi, so ill have to go with that. Besides, my Wii is broken.

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