Topic: What is your favorite Zelda clone

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Despite being a HUGE Shining fan I've never actually played Shining Wisdom, and I'm unlikely to considering how much it's going for these days One day!


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I would really go for Okami. It's not a clone, it's just got some similar gameplay. Plus the last Zelda game I enjoyed that much was Majora's Mask.

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Starfox Adventures

You shouldn't have done that.



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Secret of Mana here.

Woo! Lots of Okami. Been on my buy list for a while. Looks awesome. Where do you guys place it on a scale of 10?




I'd give it a 9. It's an amazing game

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I don't consider Okami a Zelda clone. It's so different, the only way they are similar are that they are both action-adventure in which you gain new abilities to progress in dungeons. That's where all similarities end. No games are "clones," they are all different (except for sequels). It's kind of like how everyone comments on how Dante's Inferno is a God of War clone. They are both action adventure games with a Ancient Greek-like setting that's all. They are not clones.

However, my favorite game possessing a few similarities to Zelda is Okami. In my Top 5, it's awesome. It gets a 10 from me. Better than every Zelda in my opinion.



Probably Zenonia or Nuetopia 2

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I think Okami would be mine

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Hah, just looked up Zenonia, and it doesn't look bad for an iPhone game. Seems like using the touch screen D-pad would be hard though, and it looks a bit repetitive.

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Okami is my favorite game ever!

Also, Beyond Good and Evil is fantastic as well. I started playing Secret of Mana and its pretty good. The story is so spread out that I forgot what it was.

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zenonia is actually a fun addictive game. Sometimes I can play the whole day wothout stopping. There are also so many choices you can pick. The controls are hard at first but you get used to them. Very long fun game

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