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I think it is the most unimpressive I can remember :

It looks like the Wii, minus Nintendo software - and I guess that is the reason I bought the Wii in the first place....will we EVER see 3rd parties but major effort into motion games?

Is the Kinect relegated to a life of full body waggle? Seems like all the game pretty much control things the same way. I realize the tech is probably very hard to program for, and that worries me as well.

What are your thoughts?

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Kinect launch outside of the extremely impressive Dance Central is unimpressive. Im just not impressed at all. I think downt the road it will really get better and where the heck is any Microsoft first party games?

MOVE on the other hand released some lenghthy tech demos on Qore and what I saw was extremely impressive. With Wii Resort and Motion Plus its still not a full motion controller, as its still relies on movement from point A to B = movement and with MOVE that is not the case at all. Its full motion control meaning if you swing the paddle high, low or too quick or too slow in Ping Pong you will miss. I dont think Ive ever just missed a ball in Wii Resort Ping Pong. Also the camera does body tracking as well as controller tracking making body + controller control. Much more impressed (finally) with Move after what I saw this week was extremely impressive and finally can see that it really isnt a Wii rip-off. When you see what Im talking about in action you will understand.

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I wouldn't count out Microsoft's Kinect just yet, I believe its going to be very Successful.

People have discourage the Wii, for it own Motion games, and look at it now.
But it up to Microsoft to make it truly great.

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#1. You noticed already?

#2. Probably not.

#3. Yep.

#4. "This is completely unnecessary in every regard."

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I'm not going to count it out just yet, but so far I am not all that impressed. Same thing with Move.



I see it doing moderately well just because they'll have a pack-in unit at launch with it that'll move some copies. By itself I find it hard to believe most xbox owners who derided the crap out of motion control will want to pony up roughly $100 for an over glorified eyetoy with decent recognition and ai strapped onto it. While the dance game looks pretty slick, Wii has sold millions of them with 'Just Dance' and the sequel coming too that already does it, so it's not a true stand out so it will be a higher price of admission to get in on that action. Maybe down the line it will work, but with the lack of buttons or a way to do more minute distinct things I see it more limited as a secondary help (duck to duck in a FPS) or party game device. Of the newbies on the block Move has the advantage of being able to bandit away any quality 3rd party wii title with more precision control and the 4 years of experience developing around that to foster better ideas.

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V8+Ninja wrote:

#1. You noticed already?

#2. Probably not.

#3. Yep.

#4. "This is completely unnecessary in every regard."

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