Topic: What are your most anticipated games on any platforms?

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@8-Bit_Superman But i am being nice.

@Octane You gave me a list of games that many didn't have release dates for 2018. And then you told me about 2019 acting like i asked you for that. It's like you're just typing without thinking boyo.

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@MsJubilee This thread isn't about release dates though! Just your most anticipated games in general. Doesn't matter if it's the FFVII remake and it's still a billion years away

I'm confident that every game I listed (except for the 2019 stuff) is confirmed to come out this year!

But I have to wonder, why does it matter that the exact release dates aren't known yet? You're excited for Metro: Exodus, and that game has a vague ''2018'' release window as well. Worried about delays? Or not interested in general?



Most of that list is definitely coming out this year.

If DQ11 doesn't come out this year, it'll be the laziest translation job ever done.

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@Dezzy Never underestimate Square Enix!



I downloaded Monster Hunter Double Cross XX Demo from the Japan Eshop Wish Capcom would bring that over would be great to have it in english.

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It seems like they have a fairly big incentive given that the 3DS sales will be incredibly date-dependent. It'll sell more today that it will in a year's time. That's for sure.
If they end up taking until the end of 2018, I wouldn't be surprised if they just ditch the 3DS version entirely. Which to be fair, I wouldn't care about given that I need that beautiful PS4 version.

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@Dezzy I'm not surprised if they cancel the localised 3DS version altogether.




The main reason to think they wont is that the game seems to be identical in every way except graphics. So they'll only be doing 1 translation that will be shared between both versions.
So there'll be no extra work for the 3DS version at all.

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1) Mega Man 11

2) New Gundam Breaker

3) Soul Calibur VI

4) Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

5) Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

(Namco Bandai's on a bit of a roll for me. Got Digimon Story recently, too)

6) Spider-Man

7) Secret of Mana

8) Metro Exodus

9) Fighting EX Layer

10) Metal Max Xeno

11) Medieval Remastered

X) Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (already pre-ordered)

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Is Bloodstained this year too?

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To be honest, there aren't really any games I'm itching to play this year. I'll probably play some of them when they come out but none make me go, "OMG I gotta play this right NOOOOOOOOW!" Like say, a new Smash Bros.

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Kingdom Hearts III

There's nothing else that has been announced that I'm excited for, unless Nintendo/GameFreak can show me that Pokemon Switch is going to be much better than S/M and US/UM.



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