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@CaPPa How do you like the Oculus Quest? I've heard really good things about it and with the Oculus Link being an actual thing, the Quest has some amazing appeal to reach out the high-end side of VR to the mainstream in my opinion.

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The Quest is awesome. I didnt like PSVR at all because of the cables setup and poor tracking; but the Quest is so much more easier to use. It's a bit like the Switch of VR as it's not as powerful as a PC headset but it makes up for it in other ways. It gets updates that rival the amount on the 3DS, except they usually add more than stability, like the recent PC Link beta. Theres a passthrough mode and full hand tracking coming next year.

My only negative would be that it can be uncomfortable for some people. I could only handle it for about 20 minutes at a time, but I invested in a better strap and put a battery pack on it as a counterweight and now I can play for up to 2 hours without a break (and have an extra 6 hours power).



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