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Hi Guys!
Zenman tha NiGHTMAREN wishes to know what video games you have played that should be movies. but i want to know the reason for your choices, not just the game title
my picks:
1. Halo series
the reason behined this as my number one choice is because it is the biggest selling game to date; and personally i think that deserves a movie version; the only problem i see is if it is live action Master Chief is liek 7 feet tall, there would be an issue of finding an actor that size, but he also could be animated.
2. Bioshock
this game is already in the process of being made into a movie, but it is being suspended for a budget approching $160 million US dollars; but this game had a great story and i would love to see some of the key scenes, like the airplane hull crashing through a tunnel in rapture, the death of Andrew Ryan, or the first ride through the Bathysphere as you entered Rapture in an even more cinematic quality
3. Starcraft (+ brood war)
although it was released at around the same time as other movies and games sporting invasion by hive like insect creatures, starcraft set itself apart from everyone else; diving into a deeper story about the zel'naga's legacy. the story itself is great and full of betrayal and tragety. i would love to see some of the pivotal scenes in this game; like the infestation of aiur; mengsk confronting raynor (i will rule this sector, or see it burnt to ashes around me), the betrayal over Tarsonis, and Kerrigan emerging as the queen of blades...
4. Legend Of Zelda Series (OoT, WW, PH, TP)
this storyline is probably the best in zelda history; and OoT is hailed as the best video game made; the emotional moments can be delivered really well (such as OoT's ending) and in general i think it would be a great movie franchise
5. Fire Emblem (PoR, RD)
this complex story will make critics flip and the masses will never know who the real villian is until the end of RD (and im not gonna say who it is); ike's story is filled with great characters, plot, and based on RD's cutscenes (* cough * execution scene * cough *) it would make out to be a really cool movie
6. Okami
okay, this story is just too charming. it sufferes from having the villain that they build up (orochi) not being the final boss or even second to last boss, but they translate that into the bestest plot twist ever, Ororchi was just the beginning...
7. Gears Of War series
this game series is cinematic enough that it almost already is a movie
8. Metroid Prime Series
wile the underlying plot is hard to find; it is there (similar to #4, Legend of Zelda), and here it is (my theory- bear with the longness)

(pre Metroid Prime)
on the planet Phaaze, a mutation of the X parasite (im tying Metroid Fusion to this plot) was developed; like the X, Phazon had a primal instinct to consume all, eventually phaaze was taken over and the Metroid Prime ruled over Phaaze. not stopping at phaaze, the intellegent MP devised a plan
(Chozo detach selves from tangible universe)
MP launched phazon meteors at the key planets of the only creatures that could fight off her conquest: the Chozo and the Lunimoth; hoping to command a Chozo army MP embedded herself into Tallon IV and proceded to pull the Chozo back into reality, the act fails, but she detects the Space Pirate presence on zebes, knowing their power, she makes their 'mother brain' her puppet and hopes to slowly become the leader of the SP army
(events of Metroid Zero and Metroid prime occur as first movie)
crushed, MP uses the DNA she aquired from samus to become Dark Samus, she journeys to Aether in hopes of enlisting the Ing to her cause- the act fails but she stays on desent terms with the Ing- she also attacks pirates in desperate Phazon raids, as well as becomeing aware of the existence of the Galactic Federations power
(events of Prime 2 unfold with above stuff as second film)
Dark Samus takes command of a pirate commando unit and uses their devotion to become the leader of the Space Pirates
(events of prime 3 unfold with above as third and final movie)
9. Sins of a Solar Empire
wile the lore of the game sets up an exellent story, there is no campaign mode, a writer would have literally a blank slate to work with!
10. Armored Core series
i have played through AC4 and AC:4A, and the basic tale of the National Dismantlement War, the subsequent resource wars, and the Closed Plan can make for a great movie series. it sufferes from a lack of character development, however this allows a team to make their very own cast to make the AC series great- also the team that makes their Intro movies have made cinematic spectacles out of their limeted time; as a movie, Armored Core would look great visually.

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I always think of a Mirror's Edge. If they use directly the dialogues of the cutscenes, and introduce a few action scaping scenes, would be a good movie game. At least better than the Street Fighter movie(Van Damme's One[it was funny])




Prince of persia trilogy for gamecube, but I think I heard somewhere that they are making it?

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Kizzi wrote:

Prince of persia trilogy for gamecube, but I think I heard somewhere that they are making it?


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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System would make a funny cgi movie


Mirrors Edge or Condemned: Criminal Origins

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Sonic could be a good computer- animated movie if hollywood can do it right

...scratch that, hollywood ruins almost every video-game based movie


I would say Lost Planet but they're doing that already. I just hope they sort out the story this time, the game was a bit of a mess in that area.


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swords and soldiers but not a live action an animated movie.

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S&S needs to be a Saturday morning cartoon series, not a movie.

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Most games don't translate well into movies, but I think Sin & Punishment would make a great action movie.

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There can only be one, like in that foreign movie where there could only be one, and in the end there is only one dude left, because that was the point.


irken004 wrote:

doesn't this seem cinematic? i think so

that could easily be a movie

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okay that could be a movie too

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i'll have to wait until Metroid: Other M is out to see if the story would be worthy of being made into a film

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