Topic: top 5 downloadable ps3 games

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There are none.

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nice viral advertising, joined 7 minutes ago and linking to "free ps3 games". reported =)

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What a great idea, a thread about PSN games, let's keep it that way if we want to keep our accounts, okay?

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PSN may not be as good as other downloadable services, but from what I've seen it is very good. Look at stuff like Flower and the Pixeljunk games. I'll leave the lists to the owners of the system.

Best thread ever
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My top 5.

1. Wipeout HD
2. Pixel Junk Shooter
3. Vagrant Story ps1 classic
4. Crash Bandicoot ps1 classic
5. Final Fantasy 8 ps1 classic

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None? Haha! That's just hilarious...


1. Braid.
2. Bionic Commando
3. Noby Noby Boy
4. Pixel Junk Shooter
5. Peggle

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