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Hi gamers, what's top 3 mobile(Android/iOS) games you have played? Write down top 3 games with small description & download link if available.
I know it's hard to choose top 3 from many but...
So let's get started with mine(Android):
1)Ravensword Shadowlands(RPG)
Ravensword is nice 3D openworld RPG for mobile, it has rich features, good gameplay & story. You can travel to many different mystic locations, find many weapons, get mounts & many interesting stuff.
2)GTA 5 Android(Action/Adventure)
Actually it's GTA San Andreas with some modifications and GTA 5 theme(cars, police, sounds...) + cheats activated. San Andreas is great game and this mod makes it much better with better handing, new vehicles & better graphics. Unfortunately it's not available for iOS & it isn't in Google Play Store
3)That Level Again 2(Puzzle)
This is one of my favorite puzzle, what makes it special is it's simple but very creative gameplay & special background music. It has 64 absolutely awesome levels
I hope you'll enjoy this games & this tread will help you discover some good mobile games



Given that games on the App Store (iOS) have improved tenfold over the last couple of years, I am actually spoilt for choice however, since you asked for my top three, I shall do so!

01) Untitled

What can be said, at least, is that it looks and sounds like nothing else. It’s filled with beautiful fairytale imagery that makes its moments of horror all the more jarring by contrast.

And it really is scary. It’s the polar opposite of the noisy shock tactics of a Dead Space or a Resident Evil, instead leaving most of its horrors imagined. It's the only game that has made me drop my iPad in genuine fright.

02) Untitled

This was my very first iPad game I purchased back in 2010, and still remains one of the best in its now vast catalogue.

Plants vs. Zombies is absolutely perfect for a large-ish touch screen that allows you to see everything within reach, and I cannot stress the importance of its strikingly colourful visual design which makes it very clear and easy to play for both newcomers and fans of the series.

03) Untitled

Look at it. Just look at it. The simplistic nature of the image should be enough to divert your attention elsewhere.

And yet it's one of the most addictive and surprisingly in depth golf game ever made. The sand feels like real sand when your ball lands upon it, and the minimalistic sound effects are quite endearing to listen to.

I'm on hole number 2,358 after playing it for nearly three years!

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  • Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride - To be fair to the other entries I'm only going to list one of the Square Enix RPGs, and this one is my favorite of the few I've played. It's a port of the DS version, and while the main gameplay is classic Dragon Quest for better or worse (better in my case), the turn based combat works well on a touch screen, it has a vibrant color palette, and has my favorite story structure in an RPG (it takes place over years, starting out travelling as a kid with your dad, growing up, finding a wife, and by the time you finish the adventure your own kids are in your party).
  • Lara Croft: GO - I've never actually played a proper Tomb Raider game before, but I like this. It has a simplistic, yet lush visual style, and the puzzling gameplay was fun (almost how I'd see a mobile Zelda working, if they stuck to the dungeons).
  • Monument Valley - This was a cool perspective puzzler, with an awesome vibe. No two levels felt the same, as each one had it's own unique look going on.

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@RR529 I was going to put Monument Valley in Plants vs. Zombies place, but the latter game I continue to return to seven years after it was first available on the App Store whereas Monument Valley, however brilliant and charming an experience it is, offers very little replay value.

The art style is absolutely wonderful! I hope ustwo games next project is just as good.


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Peggle: Addiction; purified and distilled addiction.

Plants vs. Zombies: Simple, but very satisfying. Love growing the Tree of Wisdom.

Everlands HD: Surprisingly thoughtful tile-based strategy game with a decently-challenging campaign.

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1. Pokemon Go
2. Fire Emblem Heroes
3. Pokemon Duel

I've played a lot of mobile games over the years. The best thing to ever happen to the platform was Nintendo/Pokemon

Some good Aussie musics: King Gizzard, Pond, TFS
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RR529 wrote:

  • Monument Valley - This was a cool perspective puzzler, with an awesome vibe. No two levels felt the same, as each one had it's own unique look going on.

Yup, same here. It was short, but I liked it.



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