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Heya. I've been around NintendoLife for a while now (anonymously for years) and I've been posting a few Petit Computer games in the dedicated thread. But I've finished my first proper PC game now, made for the Indie Game Maker Contest. The goal was to make a full game with about an hour's worth of content in one month, so it's been one crazy ride doing it all alone. But I'm really happy with the result. The reason I even thought about posting here is that I'm a big Nintendo fan, and their polish and overall attention to detail is my biggest inspiration as a developer. Maybe some of you would enjoy a non-Nintendo game made in that spirit?

You can download the game from the contest page here:
Or directly in .zip format here if you want:

I'd love to hear what you think: any feedback is welcome, positive or negative alike. And to tempt you a little bit more, here's fan art of the game's female protagonist:

Credits to the amazing

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I just started, but it's looking really good.
Everyone should try this

New PS4 owner
Yeah, guitars are cool.

My musical project Comet Tail made a couple of recordings.


Thanks Oragami. Looking forward to hear what you think after you've played more of it; be sure to share your opinions, as I value any feedback



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