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Right now the southwestern U.S. used books, games, movies, and music chain of stores Bookman's is clearancing their PS1 games for 70-80% off to make room for newer games and consoles at all 16 of their locations! I saw Final Fantasy VII with all 3 discs in fantastic condition for $9.99 and Star Ocean: The Second Story as well as Breath of Fire IV for $12.99 with no scratches and only one small fingerprint on disc 2 of Star Ocean: The Second Story! As you likely already know these games are normally $30 - $50 used nowadays so these prices are a complete and total steal.

Be sure to post all retro games deals in this thread! Also be sure to provide a link "if the store has an online website". Anyways I hope that you guys find this thread useful for finding great deals on retro video games, consoles, and peripherals!

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