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Dauntless is fun but holy crap is it choppy. Literally a slideshow in the hubworld.


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It's ironic for me to see upcoming PS4 games that match with my criteria.
I only can get these so far :
1. The Sims 4 Deluxe Party Edition & Cats + Dogs bundle in physical.
2. Portal Knights Gold Throne Edition
3. Dragon Quest Builders 2
4. Override Mech City Brawl

And with these games that i considered the Switch version instead of PS4 version.
5. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
7. World of Final Fantasy
8. Overcooked Gourmet Edition
9. Overcooked 2
10. Penguin Wars
11. Little's Dragon Cafe
12. Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles
13. Youtubers Life OMG Edition
14. Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy
15. Crash Bandicoot N'sane Trilogy
16. Dragon Quest Builders 1
17. Poi : Explorer Edition (PS4 version doesn't have physical release)
18. 99 Vidas
19. Puyo Puyo Tetris
20. Lost Sphear
21. LEGO CITY Undercover (But missing Mario / Nintendo franchises due to licence copyright)
22. Super Bomberman R
23. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary
24. My Time at Portia

If i considered those 24 PS4 games above, it will make my PS4 slim very worthy. But alas.... I choosed those 20 titles for my Nintendo Switch. 😅

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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I've recently started up Knack, which I got on sale for $4 months ago.

I'm actually finding it to be a pretty nice time so far. It's no God of War or Spider-Man, but it's not a bad game, IMO. It looks pretty nice, and gameplay, while simple, is responsive & solid. If I had any complaints, it's that I think Knack's design is a bit ugly, and the medieval troll civilization doesn't fit the rest of the world, which has more of a sci-fi vibe (almost like they're leftovers from a time when the game could have had a different theme).

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@RR529 The story is also terrible, the combat is repetitive, the main gimmick is either shallow or under-utilized, and the level design isn't very good, especially as you go along. $4 sounds about right for it.

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@RR529 I enjoyed knack for what it was also, just a throwaway launch title. Was an overwhelmingly mediocre game but I had fun playing with my kids. Was one of the first games they beat! The sequel is definitely an improvement and is constantly on sale too. Not loads better but fixed some issues the first had.



Are you telling me this isn't an iconic and identifiable platformer mascot?


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So, in a surprising move, Sony changed the soccer PS+ game to Detroit: Become Human Deluxe Edition. That comes with Heavy Rain.

So instead of soccer and Horizon, we get Detroit, Heavy Rain, and Horizon.

Makes it a much better month for the service overall.

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@redd214 I swear you're such an optimist you make @JaxonH look like a pessimist.

@Ralizah I don't think it's possible for Sony to not get slapped hard. They've gone on full arrogant mode again, they've flipped off most of the industry. Even freaking Capcom debuts stuff on Microsoft's stage now, Squeenix made the entire legacy of FF multiplat the moment Sony sold their shares, the entire "core gamer" internet sphere is aware of Sony's crossplay and censorship shenanegans, and now the indies comment. I don't even like indie games more times than not and I'm offended.

Meanwhile Good Guy Phil has been handing out "everyone gets a new game!" Oprah style platitudes and buying up gamer cred in spades, and has now united Nintendo, XBox, and PC Master Race gamers as one happy friendly people while Sony walks around with double middle fingers and a tongue stuck out.

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@RR529 Hey, I really liked Knack, but I still love Knack 2. I still don't get the internet fire breathing over it. It's a fun action brawler, better than Skylanders, has some modest's just a fun romp. It's not a seminal title people talk about for years....but it's just fun to play.

@Ralizah: That's a really great list....remind me never to buy Sony exclusives again



Displeased with their decision to change the game out. Maybe if I whine loudly enough they'll change it back lol.

@NEStalgia being an optimist takes less effort. The amount of time and energy people waste by getting all working up over something as trivial as video games is astounding.



@redd214 The amount of biting of one's tongue that most occur to be an optimist in the modern world is more effort than telling it like it is. I'm starting to picture you wearing one of those We Happy Few masks



What are the chances of Spider Man 2 coming out on the PS4 versus the PS5?

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@NEStalgia telling like it is doesn't necessarily mean youre a pessimist and vice versa.

Already playing a bit of Horizon Chase Turbo, pretty fun so far!




Not happening. All of the remaining first party Sony games for the PS4 have already been announced. Death Stranding this year and then TLoU2 and Ghost of Tsushima in 2020.

I think Horizon 2 will be a PS5 launch exclusive though.

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@NEStalgia Realistically, Sony's success with PS5 is mostly down to momentum, pricing, and marketing. The "core gamers" who whine about censorship online are a loud minority, and most of them will still buy games they're interested in regardless. Even if more Japanese companies are snuggling up to the competition at events like E3, those games are STILL going to release on PS5 anyway. Same with those indies and smaller developers they were not-so-subtly throwing shade at.

If PS5 struggles early on, I think it'll be due to two factors:
1) Pricing. The rumored tech in PS5 is really impressive for a console. No way they're going under $499.99 at launch. That's a big ask for a brand new console. The hardcore gamers and tech enthusiasts will recognize it as a bargain for the included tech, but normal people don't care about stuff like that.
2) The success of the PS4. It's still a very viable platform and, thanks to its ubiquity, companies will continue to develop games with its specs in mind. Why update to an expensive new console when the latest and greatest games are still releasing on something you already own? Some of the market demand for a 4K viable Playstation device will have been satiated by the PS4 Pro, too.

One thing to consider is also launch-window exclusive support. Playstation's first-party exclusives have enjoyed a major reputational boost this gen, with games like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn being considered some of the very best games of the generation and selling tens of millions of copies. If Sony comes out of the gate with a bunch of ambitious-looking first-party software, it could tip the balance in their favor.

Also worth considering that Sony is considering snapping up big developers to keep their games off the hardware of competitive manufacturers.



@Ralizah Momentum is just it though - they're doing all they can to break momentum. They have numbers now, and the online complainers are a vocal minority, but it all adds up to a lot of negative "vibe" around the product. XBone's launch failure was a "vocal minority" as well but it was enough to plague the internet with negative information which crippled the launch even after the bandaged it. Sony's building towards that same moment (again.) And depending on what games Sony is playing at with publishers some of those Japanese publishers may not be putting their games on PS5 at least right away. It's clear Sony is making (possibly questionable) alliances with the likes of Ubi/EA/Acti/Bethesda/WB/Squeenix - but Squeenix seems to be in a Sony revolt right now internally outside the already promised 7R. The fact they mention "niche" and "high margin" makes it clear the market they're going for. The fact they themselves aren't targeting mass market numbers with PS5 says a lot about a massive shift in the product to a market they perceive (not necessarily a market that exists.)

>$500 on a console is a massively sinking ship, right at launch. It'll be laughed off the stage by all by the biggest "ponies." Inevitably someone jumps up and says "but inflation!" No, luxury/entertainment goods don't get to play the inflation game. The average consumer has less discretionary income than in the past because of inflation. That means they need their toys to be cheaper, not pricier. But that does play in with Sony's talk about essentially a premium market of high margin buyers. Trouble is, what portion of that market isn't already rocking water cooled SLI GTX Titans or better? They're doing the Sony thing. Old Sony. The thing that almost imploded their TV business. They once again see themselves as the elite premium product worth the highest price tag. That mentality is the reason Playstation (the cheap product) has been floating the rest of their company for over a decade...... it's a failed strategy their upper management never changes. Sony Style(TM) hasn't been a thing since the 80's Walkman ended. But they haven't figured that out yet. $600 for a console sounds more absurd in 2019 than it did in 2006. As an optional premium model, $500 was pushing it for XBox. $600 is just silly for a base model. The economy hasn't been friendly toward consumer spending since then, and the promise of technology (realized in most other areas) is ever decreasing costs, not ever increasing costs.

If MS does undercut them it's going to be hilarious, even if the tech is inferior as a result. Sony will have that "profitable niche" while MS will have numbers - a reverse of this gen.

The ubiquity of the PS4 will be a factor, but....honestly I think a sane PS5 would have not been hampered by the PS4. The idea that it sounds like they're going for an insane launch will make that a major factor until the inevitable "oops we're sorry" price cut PS3 got. And again they idea they seem to want to position it as a premium market option just sounds silly when the entire success of PS has been mass market since the start. It's as though they're encouraging PS4 to continue indefinitely themselves, unless they're planning to take a MASSIVE hit and sell at extreme losses....something they vowed not to do again after PS3.

The exclusives will be there and will tip the balance in their favor (though I still have so-so feelings about the praise Sony's 1st party games get....I still feel like they are held to different standards than other games, much Like Nintendo games are/used to be....the faults are intentionally overlooked because the baseline is "Sony games are so good.") but that's only so good as the price point. If the price is out of mass market reach those games get severely curtailed sales as well, critical praise be darned. I wonder if they can afford to sell those big budget AAAA blockbusters to a tiny niche audience of extreme enthusiasts? No doubt NOT discounting those games (like Nintendo) is part of that strategy from now on. But they're trying to rewrite the entire (successful!) PS business model into a whole other business model they're inexperienced in (or worse demonstrated maximum failure in in other sectors) to do so....for no apparent reason beyond fear of Stadia, it would appear.

Sony has deep pockets, but as deep as they are, they don't have the play money Microsoft has to go buying random companies. They could buy a few, but theres limits to their buying spree. MS can get away with raising the price of Office 365 by $3 and then buying out EA with money left over.



@NEStalgia Your point about niche complaints adding up to a negative vibe online aren't untrue, but I think it's a scale thing. A LOT more people cared about Microsoft's attempted shift with the Xbone, I think. You hear a lot about Sony's policies online, of course, but, like complaints about NSO, they're not severe enough to really change anything. The only way Sony's policies would hurt them is if they attempted to force Western AAA devs like Rockstar and CDProjektRed to abide by them, and we all know they're not going to do that. They'll let you oogle and then murder strippers in the next GTA even as they force Japanese devs to censor out the bikinis in every anime fanservice game (assuming they even exist after the Olympics; Western forces have already attempted to get Japan to "do something about" its "problematic" entertainment, and that pressure is going to increase massively next year once the entire world turns its gaze toward their little island nation again).

If Microsoft is smart, they'll wait for Sony to fully unveil their plans for PS5 before doing the same with Scarlett or whatever the Nextbox is called. Undercutting Sony pretty drastically is their best strategy for ensuring early dominance next gen.

Sony doesn't have unlimited funds, but they do realize that their success is entirely dependent on their gaming division. I have the feeling they'll be going full EGS for next gen: not buying the companies, necessarily, but paying for timed exclusivity on a lot of the biggest upcoming games.



@NEStalgia Sony never got slapped down as hard as they should in the gaming industry. Even the PS3 came ahead of the 360. Plus, Sony fanboys are even more insufferable than Nintendo fanboys, which is a huge feat. They're going to defend and pull Sony ahead most likely.

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