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Still hard to believe we're less than a week away for a game I've been waiting for since I got the 2nd one in 5th grade in 2005. I remember thinking how long the second one took to make. Lol. If someone had told me the third wouldn't be out until 2019, I would have never believed it



So I was wondering why my capture card would not work for my PS4, then I learned that it has a HDCP setting that blocks capture cards so it can use certain video apps apparently. DRM, basically. That's certainly interesting.

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RE 2 is surely awesome.

The atmosphere in that game, wooo boy.



@Dezzy I think it's remarkably sad that 89% is the highest S-E has seen in a long time. But it sounds great for KH game considering they're loved but deeply flawed on the whole.




Well they've had plenty of 80s scores (DQ XI got 86, FFXV PC version got 85)
Over 90 is quite rare in general.

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After watching a few YouTube videos I've found a pretty good way to grind in DQXI.

Pretty much you have to find a group of enemies that you can stall a long time with, then just wait until you have the opportunity to use two different special abilities, one which increases the amount of exp & gold you get (& guarantees item drops), the other which swaps all enemies for Metal Slime family monsters (though it can occasionally fail), kill whichever of the slimes don't flee (one character has a %100 guaranteed critical attack, so you're sure to get one), and watch the exp roll in (and a few seeds of life to boot).

Admittedly it does take awhile to set up, but in little over an hour of playtime I managed to get my party up about 6 levels each (in comparison, if I was grinding normally, I may have gotten everyone up 2 levels in that same time frame).

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Nobody wants to answer my question about Earthlock on PS4 version...

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Best thing about REmake 2;

“Oh lol one zombie, whatcha going to do?” You shoot their feet away and they become helpless.

At a certain point I got surrounded though. That was not funny. Four hungry zombies out for some Claire-kebab is never good.




The physical versions of games update just like the digital version does, if that's what you meant. If it's a free update, it will just download automatically.

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Just figured I'd ask: Is anyone interested in playing the Anthem demo? Either the pre-order-only one that's out now or the public demo on Feb 1st?

I'm a sucker for Free stuff, and shiny things, so I wound up pre-ordering it on Gamestop so I could get into the VIP demo. Lord knows if I'll actually get in, though, I was a pretty late to the party (I seriously didn't see anything about this demo until just a few hours ago, and Amazon doesn't even have the game available for pre-order right now. Gamestop says I might get the email code I need within 2 days...into a 3-day online demo. <_<). But either way, I figured I'd ask in case anyone else wanted to join in. Apparently if I do get in, I can invite up to 3 people on my friends list to join in. I figure it'll keep me busy while I wait for KH3.

....especially since the COD live demo didn't work out, and Hex didn't work out, and TERA didn't work out, and Guild Wars 2 didn't work out, and it turns out I couldn't run IronSight, and I'm still kind of sick of this point, if Anthem fails to grab me, even for just the few days that this demo lasts, I might very well have to reevaluate my position on online-focused games.

EDIT: After about an hour and a half of waiting, I gave up on my Gamestop order, pre-oredered through Best Buy because I remembered they exist, got my email in less than an hour (watched Voltron on Netflix while I waited), and downloaded it already. Still no email from Gamestop. I didn't even cancel it...because I can't. I gotta call up Gamestop customer service, it seems. Lesson of the day: don't pre-order anything through Gamestop's aging dinosaur of a website.

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I really hope in March or whatever we get a sony first party showcase or a direct like video. I acceot ps5 isnt coming this year but please give us something to talk about until they are ready to show their next console.


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Sooooo I just got an email from GameStop that my PS4 KH3 limited edition order was cancelled.....for no reason with no explanation.......I was excited for that all month. Of course that means there's zero chance of getting one ever, now.

Which also means I guess I'll have to just order a plain old vanilla PS4 Pro again for the full price....I was waiting explicitly for this one.....

I. Want. To. Punch. Something. Right. Now.

Update: Oh, a second email:
"Due to an unforeseen issue, we will be unable to fulfill your order #######. We will be canceling your order and you will not be charged. For this inconvenience, we will be sending you a $25 Coupon Code for your next order:"

Thanks, guys. Really helpful. I'm so very fudging glad you let me sit on the order for a month waiting for it before cancelling it a week before I was supposed to have it. I feel like a very valued customer. I can't wait to repeat this shopping experience soon!

I wonder what the scalpers are charging for this? Part of me is half tempted to pay scalper fees. Or just pay gamestop for a "refurbished" in a year the same amount they were supposed to charge for a new one....

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@NEStalgia There's an official reason now, Gamestop oversold on preorders.


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@Grumblevolcano an utter joke. This may be the last thing i ever order at gs. I try to give them a chance, i really try. How does it take them 5 weeks from taking preorders a week before shipment to figure out they oversold? This should have been known on December 15.

$25 is better than nothing but it's not enough to remove the taint on the brand for such extreme incompetence. They were the exclusive store. It's not like they got run over by Amazon and Walmart purchasing power. The whole inventory was theirs.

Cs is spinning it as Sonys fault for shorting shipment and they claim they're working with the vendor to try to get more and will notify the cancelled users first to order again. Which is bs, they cancelled the orders, they're not going to be contacting users of already cancelled orders to reorder. And even if they do, the wouldn't give me a straight answer that the cart will lock out others from ordering.... So they notify those users, one posts it on Twitter, and they're sold out in 5 min again. Not that se and Sony's planning to deliver more. They'd have delivered more from the start of that were the case.

@thanosrexxx yeah, I'm tempted to go to the store to drag someone over the counter anyway....



@NEStalgia Haha, couldn't blame you if you... wait, what?? What the hell am I doing HERE?

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@ThanosReXXX lol, oops! (Kehkeh, that bait worked! )

Seriously though, this isn't all on GS, though they're infamous for doing exactly this. Sony owns this too along with Squeenix. I may actually start sharing some of your hate for Sony after this. You don't take the most popular console, bundle a limited collectable edition with a game people have waited a decade for, and have it tied to freaking Disney and freaking Frozen and make a rumored 30,000 for Earth.



@WebHead awesome, I'll make sure to play that on my kh3 ps4 pr... Oh... Wait....

@redd214 arm, leg, or spleen?



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