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Topic: the old Call of Duty 4 team will be at E3

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Normally, I'd prefer to not acknowledge anything CoD related, just because I am sick of everyone's opinion of it or such mediocrity dominating gaming etc. etc. Especially since only now do I feel like the FPS genre is interesting to me in the first time in quite a few years. But, against all logic, I really, really liked Call of Duty 4. Call it the best example of a bad sub-genre if you wish. So I'm at least a little bit interested to see what this is, even though it will (probably deservedly) be overshadowed by the Bioshocks and Destinys.

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I'm kinda paying attention, and like you said, that's because of Destiny. And if Nintendo has a 3DS surprise as well a potential reveal of the new Xenosaga's name, etc. A minute trailer w/ codename X is pretty vague at the moment. The 720 may be revealed too.

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Y'know, I always thought the developers of one of the most popular multiplayer shooters ever would look more... classy.

I'll be keeping an eye out though

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Hey people hate on it but I had fun with CoD4...just after that the games started to feel the same to me.

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