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The last PS2 game was released yesterday with Fifa 14. Just thought everyone should know. Kinda crazy. - Dayman
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But if it's like FIFA 13, don't expect to find it easily in North America. (some say the NTSC-U/C version of the game was only actually released in South America)



Did these PS2 versions of the really new Fifa's even make a profit anyway? It seems so strange to keep these going for so long. Since most shops got rid of the PS2 "shelf" I've never seen them either, and Fifa and football is incredibly big in my country.

But yeah, the PS2 had a great run. One of the best, if not the best console ever.

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I wouldn't be shocked if FIFA 15 was released for PS2 in 2014


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I won't believe it's the true last until I don't see a FIFA come out for it.

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As long as we really believe in it, the PS2 shall live on forever!

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FIFA 14 is actually going to be released on the PS2, PS3, and PS4 all in the same year, has something like this ever happened before?

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Amazing that a console this old was still getting occasional support. It's a great machine. One of my top 3 consoles of all time, for sure.

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I'm gonna release a game on the PS2 in 2020 just to say I made the last PS2 game.

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What a monster that PS2 is. Was still outselling some next gen consoles when it was retired in 2012.

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CaviarMeths wrote:

What a monster that PS2 is. Was still outselling some next gen consoles when it was retired in 2012.

Yup. It's the XP of the console world. Never gonna keep it down.

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You know the Genesis and Dreamcast still gets the occasional game, right?

Heck, they're still publishing and selling (third-party) games for the Atari 2600.

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