Topic: The 4th 7th gen home console named "Zeebo"

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Huh. That does look interesting, especially since it uses mobile networks instead of regular internet channels. Sure, the specs are kind of meek and the titles are quite few, but this could be quite promising for those who may not have oodles of money and don't care for the latest and greatest.

Yet, seeing what was written on Wikipedia, this may be not so great after all:

The first official Zeebo review was made by UOL Jogos, a popular Brazilian gaming portal. Zeebo was criticized for poor control response time, sluggish menu navigation, downloads via the ZeeboNet 3G network that took upwards of 5-times longer than promised, authentication problems with the network, and, most importantly, badly ported games (with the exception of Double Dragon). The final conclusion was that Zeebo enters the market with a host of problems to conquer and that the overall quality is low, which could cause doubts about the console's future, and that the company needs to start releasing quality games and to justify its cost if it wants to gain popularity. For now, Zeebo is only a console "of promises".

And it looks like the console costs about as much as a Wii

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Wow, it's just like an iPod Touch, only less supported and non-portable. But at least it has a D-Pad....



the console costs as much as a Wii in the US, but in Brazil...

see, ALL consoles are more expensive here in latin america than in most other parts... the ones closer to the US price are Microsoft's consoles (both the Xbox and the Xbox 360), with the Wii costing 2 times as much, and the PS3 between 2.5 and 4 times as much... same with the games, Xbox 360 games are the same or lower price than in the US, Wii games are a bit more expensive (1.3 times or less most of the time), and PS3 games are more than twice the US price...

that's why the Zeebo has future here, it's the cheapest console here anyway...

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The Phantom tried to compete in the U.S. from launch. I think this could have a chance in South America and if things go well we could see a future console from the company.

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Don't get one. If you can see I have an earlier topic about to either get a zeebo or pandora. The zeebo has much worse versions of the game for a smaller amount. Can 4gb even hold the entire RE4

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no the fourth console is OnLive



I've never heard of Zeebo, and I live in Brazil. Not interested anyways.

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