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Brando67854321 wrote:

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This is becoming a running gag. IMO, framerate asside, Super Street Fighter IV 3D was a pretty solid game. Maybe not as solid as Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 on the PS3, but still solid. And What's stopping you from trying a console version when that inevitably comes out? Because you played a verion you knew you wouldn't like? You may as well give it a rent at least if you got that option open to you, since you seem to think it's a game you should like. Seems a helluva lot smarter than getting hung up on such a small issue.

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@WhiteKnight The fighting system is kind of clunky. I think it's still fun though, and it really only shows with certain characters. With faster characters like Lili (my main) the fighting feels fast and fluid to me. Each face button controls a limb. Once you get that down and learn a combo or two I really don't think it's that bad to get into. Yeah, that also leads to some decently effective button mashing, but enough skill is still involved that you can't beat a veteran by button mashing.
I also never got the characters are bland or whatever complaint. I always thought the roster was one of the coolest. King a tiger themed luchador, Alex (an effing raptor), Roger a Kangaroo, Devil variations of certain characters, a bear and panda, and super cool French chick Lili.


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MadAussieBloke wrote:

Yeah Tekken is a bit of a button masher with a convoluted combo system that relies heavily on luck more than skill...

Maybe the early ones, but by 3 it requires a lot of skill. Enough play and I figured out how to clobber people in Tekken 3. Too bad I'm not that good anymore.

Yeah I know what you mean there man. I had Tekken 3 on PS and I would play it all the time my best fighter was King cause I learned all the combos and moves for him. In fact I got so good with him while playing it at home I would go to the local arcade and play Tekken 3 against other players. A majority of them would chose Eddy Gordo (big surprise) and would think that they were all great at Tekken cause they could mash buttons. Pissed alot of them off when I used King against them and just waited for them to finish mashing buttons and than get them in lock and such.

Sadly though I took a long break from Tekken 3 and video games and my skills have never been as good.

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Tekken Tag 2 is awesome. It's discounted $5 for the digital version vs. retail on Wii U which is what I bought it for. This is my most favorite fighter besides Smash Bros., which is always better for multiplayer.
I instantly saw the quality all around with this game. It took some time to find the core game mechanics that help to play as any character, but most of the characters have something I find cool.


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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Check it out. I costumized Lili to look like Miku Hatsune!

But does she have pizza?

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Oh so they discounted the download version like in Japan? $5 dollars isn't exactly a good deal though. Especially when I can find the retail copy a solid $20 cheaper.

I think it really depends where you get it, because GS is selling a used copy for Wii U at $50 without coupons or the PUR discount, and $60 new.
The discount on the Wii U is convient, making the game $50 for a copy incliding the DDP, because there's no extra signing up or looking for deals.
I think Wii U will have some pretty good deals on older software after a while. I just like having the games on the ext. HDD, because I can carry around potentially 100 games without 100 discs or cases.


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