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New to this site, I am searching for new games for my Samsung Note 8.0. As of now I only have the basic apps like facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, 9gag and a war game named kingdom of legend (Refer me if you also have one! lol) So I am asking for your suggestions. I kinda like war games or endless running games from time to time. leave your suggestions below so I can try them out!

Since I can't play console games while i'm outdoors.

Kingdom of Legend or whatever game you suggest, War game with chat for players (which is nice). Add some description please!



Flappy Bird.



Try out Pocket Tanks. It's a free game I thought was unique. If Kingdom Rush is on Android, go for that too.(that's a paid one)

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If you are going to get Kingdom Rush get the Humble Store version as it has all the in app purchases removed.

Anything by Dotemu or Sega is good. (Other than the free to play Sega if you are going to play e.g All Stars Racing Transformed at least get the advert disabling in app purchase).

14px is really good. (It was free for ages with no limitations now I think it has ad's dunno if they can be disabled).

Punch Quest is pretty good.

Anything that has been in any of the Humble Android Bundles is basically a proper game.

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Stuff like World of Goo is still good on Android with a touchscreen.

Osmos / Edge / Toki Tori (Edge works brilliantly with tilt controls surprisingly).

Dungeon Defenders (Again the Humble Store is the only way to get all the DLC with it).

NightSky HD

Super Hexagon

Raiden Legacy

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - Director’s Cut

The Cave

Swordingo (Touch Controls work flawlessly surprisingly).

The Bard's Tale

Worms Reloaded 2: Armageddon

Metal Slug / X / 3

Double Dragon Trilogy

Another World

Riptide GP2


R-Type 2

Blazing Star

Probably loads more - if it is on there and it mentions Android chances are it is a proper game. (And if the normal version has IAP's they are removed from that version).

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