Topic: Suda 51's Liberation Maiden hits App Store (in New Zealand)

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I'm going to buy this and download it tonight for a review. Stay tuned.

Have you made your review yet?

It's done. It goes live on Thursday which is your Wednesday if you're American.

It's exactly the same score as the 3DS version, though it is ever so slightly the better game on the iPad.

OK, cool. I'm in France, though, so I'll have to "wait" a little longer, so to speak. And I suppose this is going to be on your website or here on Nintendolife?

My website. NintendoLife doesn't like me

LOL, hahaha. I DEFINITELY can't say I'm surprised.

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@Bankai I'm guessing all my ranting and raving about my enjoyment for my 4th Gen. Retina Display iPad finally got the best of you - eh?

@DePapier Please tell you're a fan of the French studio Game Atelier (Flying Hamster, Sun Flowers, etc.)? It's a small independent studio that's doing some big things for the gaming industry from France.

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@Slapshot Heu... Well... I couldn't have heard of them since I neither have a PlayStation nor an iAnything... (I don't even have an Android, I'm using a BlackBerry.) I guess I can't really be that keen on that kind of stuff outside the Nintendo ecosystem. :/
(But boy I must really love companies who suck at third parties...)


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